Encouraging young Omanis to embark on a humanitarian journey

More sports Sunday 01/April/2018 19:41 PM
By: Times News Service
Encouraging young Omanis to embark on a humanitarian journey

Relief4Life, a charity organisation, embarked on a three-day humanitarian journey to Tanzania and Zanzibar to offer a helping hand to poor families and farmers.
The organisation was joined by 45 volunteers from nine Arab countries, including Oman, who flew to the land of gold alongside the co-founder, Dr Mohamed Ahmed Fouad.
Day 1

On their first day, the team began their charitable activities in Tanzania, where they sent baskets that carried two-weeks worth of food to needy families, which aided around 4,500 individuals residing in poor villages.
Other activities included the distribution of sewing machines to 30 families to encourage them to earn an income to support their loved ones, and paying a visit to local schools that taught Arabic and the Holy Quran. Backpacks, school supplies and toys, among other things, were given to 400 students.
For their final mission, Fouad and his team walked from one village to another to explore their water resources and wells. “We felt the suffering of those who continuously walk for an hour-and-a-half back and forth with their families, to get water, and that too, that’s unfit for drinking,” he said.
The campaign has raised donations to drill 20 wells in places where water is urgently needed, and it will benefit more than 2,000 villagers, said Fouad, adding, “Their joy was indescribable when they learned that we would dig wells to ease their struggles.”
Day 2

On the second day, food baskets were distributed again. The volunteers also visited hospitals, and helped 30 patients with eye-related illnesses to undergo required treatments.
Later, the team paid a visit to charity plantations and villagers’ farms to offer help and ensure the sustainability of their projects.
The organisation made their contribution, including the purchase of land, and reclamation and installation of a modern irrigation system for five years. “It will ensure continuity of work,” explained Fouad.
Day 3

On their final day, the entire team flew to Zanzibar Island to not only help the needy, but to also visit historic museums and iconic places that carry the identities of the Sultans of Oman. Right after their exploring session, they went back to their mission and gave away 150 backpacks full of school supplies to orphans and students from poor families.
Relief4Life is an organisation that aims at reviving the spirit of volunteering and to plant seeds of peace and love in the hearts of our youth. As they continue to support and encourage young Omanis to be part of such great journeys, more people are excited to join their next mission. Nothing can be said to Relief4Life other than “Thank You”. Their work certainly will not go unnoticed.
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