Oman Oasis launches campaign to educate about drinking water

Roundup Tuesday 27/March/2018 19:09 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman Oasis launches campaign to educate about drinking water

Muscat: Oman Oasis launched a campaign to create public awareness about drinking water under the hashtag of #KnowYourOmanOasis
Oman Oasis, the nation’s leading water brand produced and distributed by Oasis Water Company, has always kept true to its brand promise: “When it comes to quality and health, there is no compromise.” This strong stand of the brand is now reaffirmed with the new campaign, which is intended to inform the customers on what to check when they are buying drinking water.
First launched on their Facebook and Instagram pages, followed by print advertisements, each ad in the #KnowYourOmanOasis campaign talks about the different things to consider before buying a bottle of drinking water, like the expiry date, the mineral balance it maintains, the quality certifications it has, the factory it is produced, etc.
Speaking about the initiative, N. Janardhan, chief operating officer – Manufacturing Sector, The Zubair Corporation said, "As the leading bottled water company in the nation, we care deeply for the people of the nation. The new campaign is a movement initiated so that people are more careful when it comes to choosing the water they bring home for their families.”
At a time when the news of authorities destroying thousands of expired mineral water bottles came out recently, Oman Oasis taking this confident initiative is all the more reason to believe that the brand leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the customer receives safe and pure balanced drinking water in their hands. The Muscat Municipality has also conducted campaigns to encourage safe water drinking practices, including posters asking people to not drink from bottles left out in the sun. In line with it, Oman Oasis has always ensured to include the message of safe storage of bottles across all their labels, 5-gallon bottles, cartons, etc. offering caution to store the water in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.
“At Oman Oasis, we have always striven to promote positive communication, whether it’s by promoting physical activity, or through health messages on our labels,” said NSS Subramanian, the group general manager of Oasis Water Company. “Our new campaign is a part of this ongoing endeavour, and an opportunity to raise awareness about Oman Oasis’s commitment towards its consumers,” he added.