Bank Muscat honoured for commitment to sustainable development

Roundup Tuesday 27/March/2018 18:56 PM
By: Times News Service
Bank Muscat honoured for commitment to sustainable development

Muscat: Bank Muscat, the flagship financial services provider in the Sultanate, was honoured in recognition of its innovative corporate social responsibility initiatives and contributions to sustainable development at a ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Social Development under the auspices of His Highness Sayyid Taimour bin Assad Al Said, assistant secretary general for Communication at The Research Council. Saleh Al Maaini, AGM – Interior Regions Branches, received an appreciation memento from the guest of honour on the occasion.
The CSR and sustainability strategy pursued by Bank Muscat is focused on delivering long-term benefits to the community and the nation, creating a positive impact on society covering areas such as education, SMEs, youth, sports, alternative energy and health.
Saleh Al Maaini said, “Bank Muscat is proud to receive the honour by the Ministry of Social Development in recognition of its unique CSR initiatives. As a forward-looking financial institution, Bank Muscat is at the forefront in contributing to society and thereby setting a fine example for the corporate sector to develop social responsibility as corporate culture. As the pioneer of CSR activities in the banking sector in Oman, Bank Muscat has implemented several initiatives benefiting various segments of society and remains committed to sustainable development in Oman.”
The Imprints initiative was launched by the bank, aimed at uniting different segments of people in making a big difference in reciprocating to what the country has given them. Highly ambitious in its scope and reach, the Imprints initiative is a unique public-private partnership in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Tourism, Muscat Municipality and the Public Authority for Consumer Protection. The Imprints themes include Financial Literacy, Investment in Tourism, Saving Energy and Green Space. The concurrent themes are linked to diversifying the economy and motivating citizens to develop prudent savings and spending habits.
The Green Sports initiative has proven to be a thoroughly successful model for engaging the local community in establishing a modern sporting infrastructure in the country. Marking the successful sixth year, the unique CSR initiative aimed at promoting Oman as a sporting nation by greening and developing football fields has benefited a total of 78 sports teams across the country to date.
The bank in partnership with the Ministry of Higher Education provides a scholarship for students under the social welfare umbrella. As part of ongoing efforts, the bank sponsored 20 students in the 2016/2017 academic year, bringing the total beneficiaries of Jesr Al Mustaqbal to 270, including vocational training and diploma studies.
Tadhamun, the bank’s annual CSR programme in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development, focuses on families under the social welfare umbrella, providing them with basic electronic home appliances for a better quality of life. Since its inception, in partnership with the Ministry of Social Development, the bank has distributed air-conditioning units, refrigerators, freezers and washing machines to over 500 families across the Sultanate, touching the lives of thousands of citizens.
The bank’s al Wathbah SME Academy supports the growth of small and medium enterprises across the Sultanate. All CSR programmes draw from the bank’s values of leadership and partnership, creating a positive impact on society. As the bank progresses on the path of sustainable development, new opportunities are explored. In line with the corporate ethos, the bank employees are engaged in creating opportunities to help the community through various initiatives.