Oman dining: Succulent kebabs and more

T-Mag Thursday 22/March/2018 12:23 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman dining: Succulent kebabs and more

When it comes to providing fine Indian sweets, desserts, and baked goods for those who live in the Sultanate, Bombay Sweets is ahead of the pack.

Having made a name as Oman’s premier sweet-monger, they are now expanding their culinary repertoire, with rather delicious results.

Bombay Sweets recently opened its first savoury outlet at Azaiba Mall in downtown Al Ghubra – Rolls and Rice. While Bombay Sweets is known for its exotic sweets, Rolls and Rice is set to become the benchmark for delicious kebabs and biryani in the Sultanate.

A must-try for foodies, especially meat lovers, is their heavenly kebab platter, which is big on flavour and affordable. While their chicken kebabs seem to be the most sought-after item off the grill, true foodies will know the value of a good mutton dish, which has swiftly gained popularity among customers.

A host of kebabs are available at Bombay Sweets, with their impeccably-trained and passionate chefs more than capable of customising orders to individual needs.

That, however, is just one of their prized offerings.

Rolls and Rice also serve up an excellent chicken biryani, which pairs unbelievably well with their cooling yoghurt raita. At the same time, vegetarians needn’t worry about being left behind. A vegetarian biryani is also available on request.

A quick look around Rolls and Rice and it is not uncommon to see people impatiently gazing in the direction of the kitchen to see if the tempting biryani bowl being carried out is destined for them. With good reason.

The spectacular waft of the biryani is enough to get the juices flowing, in anticipation of what is to follow. The idea of brilliance in simplicity is illustrated by the combination of flavourful rice and succulent chicken, lovingly made by the Bombay Sweets chefs.

To just hold their biryani in high praise, however, wouldn’t be doing justice to their excellent wraps — a favourite among families and children at Rolls and Rice. Wrapped in crunchy, golden, flaky pastry, the chicken tikka wrap has now quite literally become a hot favourite, as is the melt-in-your mouth butter chicken.

But if kebabs don’t do the trick for you, Rolls and Rice have a host of other dishes to choose from, including the piping hot pav bhaji (bread and vegetables) served with soft, fluffy bread, and a plethora of sweet and spicy snacks, including the all-time-favourites bhel puri, paani puri, as well as hot and crispy samosas. Rolls and Rice have ensured there is something for everyone.

Given the quality of food and excellent service, which can be brilliantly rounded off with their famous desserts such as cashew-almond kulfi or the syrupy gulab jamun to name a few, Rolls and Rice is a must-visit for those looking to experience some of the finest Indian food available.

Rolls and Rice
Azaiba Mall, 1st floor,
Food Court