Chinese expat wants to thank those who helped father in last moments

Energy Wednesday 21/March/2018 23:06 PM
By: Times News Service
Chinese expat wants to thank those who helped father in last moments

Muscat: A Chinese national in Oman, Kim Jin, is on the lookout for two women who helped and comforted his father—who met with an accident on March 14 — until the ambulance arrived.
Jin has earnestly requested the two expats who made his father’s last few minutes a little easier, to come forward, so he can personally thank and reward them.
The Shanghai native learned that his father, Huangde Jin, passed away on the night of March 14. Eyewitnesses told him they had seen two women helping his father before the ambulance arrived.
“Two ladies helped my father after he was hit. One was European and the other was Filipino. They are the last two persons who took care of my father,” he said, speaking exclusively to the Times of Oman, his voice choked with emotion. “I really want to thank them.”
According to Jin, his father went out for a jog at 10:00 pm and never came back. “My father went missing last Wednesday, March 14,” said Jin. “He left home at 10:00 pm, and had not returned even until 12:30 am. I began to worry and called his phone over 60 times. I knew my father loved jogging on the beach, so I went along the beach route wondering if he was too tired or something had happened. But I still had hope that he was fine,” he said.
The Chinese national began searching the area on his own, using a torch and calling out to his father. When that did not turn up any results, he contacted the Royal Oman Police (ROP).
After being told he had to register a missing persons case, Jin went to the ROP station in Seeb. “I told them I wanted to register a missing persons report, because my father had disappeared,” he said, adding, “The police then told me there had been an accident; that the car my father was driving was found and that he had died at 11:30 pm.”
Jin said he was told that when his father’s body was located, no ID, wallet or phone were found on him. The only thing found was a receipt. His father had stopped at a gas station to fill up his car tank at 10:20 pm.
While he was assured that the case was being handled, Jin could not move on without knowing what had actually happened to his dad. Independently investigating the case, he tracked down the gas station where his father had bought gas and 800 metres from it, found what he believed was the spot where his father was hit by a vehicle.
Jin later learned that his father had died on the way to the hospital, and upon asking around in the area, found out about the two women who had comforted his father after the accident.