Thumbs up from airlines for Muscat International Airport new terminal

Energy Monday 19/March/2018 21:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Thumbs up from airlines for Muscat International Airport new terminal

Muscat: Representatives of major airlines flying into Oman are optimistic about the new airport passenger terminal opening in Muscat, saying the new airport is an upgrade in infrastructure and would improve the general flying experience.
Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) country manager Shahzad Paracha said the new terminal would offer better, hi-tech facilities and make flying into and out of Muscat a better experience.
“You will find that passengers will enjoy their visit to the new terminal, provided they show up on time. We would like passengers to show up at least four hours early, at least in the beginning as everybody needs to get used to the facility,” said Paracha.
“One needs to walk for at least 15 minutes from the counter to the boarding area. Then, there is immigration in between, besides the fact that it is a silent airport. Show up early to have a hassle-free, enjoyable experience. There will be hotels, theatres and other activities. It’ll be great for passengers in transit as well,” he added.
Paracha also said there would be no congestion at the new terminal, adding the new conveyor belts, and efficient handling of baggage and passengers would ensure a smooth flying experience.
Air India country manager Mahesh Choudhary also said the opening of the new terminal was good news for them. “We are looking forward to the opening of the new airport terminal. It will provide better amenities to passengers. It will also boost traffic on our flights by allowing more people on our flights or, for that matter, other airlines,” he said.
Wasim Zaidi, General Manager, Oman of Jet Airways, said: “We’re proud that the Oman government and Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) will finally be opening the new international airport terminal with improved facilities and infrastructure. This will help with passenger facilitation. It is a world class airport, which will herald better traffic potential for Oman.”
Rajan Jayaraman, area manager of Kuwait Airways, said it was a step up for Omani infrastructure. “It’ll certainly make it easier to handle customers and help boost air traffic. Now, we’ll have a bigger airport and more slots will be open for the same.
“ Technologically speaking, buses will be replaced by aerobridges. This will help save time. Overall, the latest equipment would mean better infrastructure and a smooth flying experience,” he added.
Sharuka Vikramadittiya, Sri Lankan Airways country manager, said there had been sufficient preparations which made him confident about flying from the new
“There have been a series of presentations, briefings, and we as an airline, are convinced that we are ready. It is a huge airport with more check-in facilities and we are certainly looking forward to it. Aerobridges will help save time, besides making it easier for old and infirm passengers to board,” he remarked.