Al Kalbani’s speech reviewed by Shura

Energy Sunday 18/March/2018 22:59 PM
By: Times News Service
Al Kalbani’s speech reviewed by Shura

Muscat: The Majlis Al Shura in its 13th Regular Session of the third annual convening (2017/2018) of the 8th term (2015-2019) chaired by Khalid bin Hilal Al Ma’wali, chairman of Majlis Al Shura, discussed, on Sunday, the statement of Sheikh Mohammed bin Said Al Kalbani, Minister of Social Development.
The statement covered several aspects mainly social security, relief and emergency programmes, civil associations, those concerning elderly and people with special needs, family development programme and social work strategy (2016-2025), along with other issues.
The Minister stated that the cases under the umbrella of social security amounted to 79,487 by end of 2017.
The minister’s speech also tackled existing social security programmes in light of the study conducted by the World Bank and the current financial conditions witnessed in the Sultanate.
The speech also dealt with the indicators of efficiency of the social security systems, the support and facilities provided to the beneficiaries under social security umbrella, the efforts extended for employment of jobseekers,
The current relief regulation. on the emergency relief regulation, the minister said that in 2017, the number of cases receiving cash support amounted to 1,151 cases receiving OMR107, 422 as well as 100 cases provided with OMR41,182 for facing natural disasters at the time the number of cases provided with assistance for kidney failure, cancer, leukemia and other diseases, electricity and water supply services among other services stood at 8,875 cases.
The number of cases availing from rehabilitation centres of the Ministry stood at 4,278 cases for the various age groups in the various governorates.
The Minister also spoke about creation of partnerships with private sector establishments, the family development programmes, guidance and family consultation and awareness programmes.
The Minister also spoke on the family protection programmes and the efforts for execution of the Child Law and its Executive Regulation, the national strategy for childhood and the child nurturing institutions and the woman contribution to social development march.
The Minister also pointed to the Ministry’s programmes for building capabilities and development of the Boards of Directors of the Omani Woman Associations. The statement also said that the budget required for execution of the ministry’s first five years amounted to OMR14,372, 809. Members of the Majlis A’Shura presented their remarks and enquiries on the statement of the Minister, which focused on continuation of the support for families under social security umbrella, the persons with special needs, improvement of the services extended to elderly people.
The members also praised the efforts of the Ministry extended for the support of the various sectors and on development of development of electronic services offered by the Ministry along with the achievements bagged within the social work strategy.