Muscat Duty Free launches new logo

Oman Thursday 15/March/2018 13:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Muscat Duty Free launches new logo

Muscat: Muscat Duty Free (MDF) has launched a new logo — its first branding change in 15 years — to celebrate the new Muscat International airport's shopping centre.
The new logo, launched at the Kempinski Hotel on Thursday, highlights Oman's features, including its varied topography, vegetation, climate and genuinely friendly people.
"Two apexes, represent the twin mountains of Oman — Jabal Shams and Jabal Akhdar (the green mountain). The apexes' colour pallet, blue and green, is evocative of clear blue skies and green summits of Muscat and Salalah. The mountain graphic also forms a capital 'M' for Muscat," explained Majid Mageni, Marketing and Business Development Manager, MDF.
"The two apexes are connected by a golden orange arc. This represents, both, sand dunes — most notable of them, the Wahiba Sands — as well as beaches in Oman.
"Beneath the Wahiba arc is a teal arc, echoing the crystal clear, blue, fresh flowing water in the wadis and falajs. The golden and teal arcs also form a smile, illustrating both, the welcoming, joyous, happy and friendly people of Oman which you will get to experience firsthand at MDF, as well as the pleasant shopping experience you can look forward to at the new terminal of the Muscat International Airport," added Mageni.