Company fined OMR2,000 for selling expired fish

Energy Wednesday 14/March/2018 16:08 PM
By: Times News Service
Company fined OMR2,000 for selling expired fish

Muscat: A court in Seeb has passed a judgment of three years imprisonment and a fine of OMR2,000 against a company, after 659 kgs of expired fish products were seized on the company's premises.
A statement from the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP), "Al Seeb preliminary court issued a judgment in the case of expired fish, seized by the Public Authority for Consumer Protection in cooperation with the Municipality of Muscat in one of the companies during the past year.
"The ruling sentenced the accused in the case to three years, and a fine of OMR 2,000, in addition to the confiscation of seized fish for destruction."
Al-Fadl Al-Yahmadi, from the commercial fraud department, said that the case was pursued after 659 kg of fish unsuitable for human consumption was seized from a company in Ghala, after Muscat Municipality received a complaint regarding spoiled fish, revealing that the company had manipulated the production date.
According to the specialist, "The date of sale of the fish was August 1, 2015, and it was valid for only a year. The company changed the production date to August 1, 2016, which was actually the date when the fish expired."
After it was proved that the goods were expired, the authority transferred the case to the Public Prosecution, who transferred it to the preliminary court.