Oman tunes in to T FM, Sultanate's newest radio station

Energy Sunday 11/March/2018 21:52 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman tunes in to T FM, Sultanate's newest radio station

Muscat: In the wake of the Times of Oman launching the Sultanate’s newest radio station, residents and citizens in the country are looking forward to quality entertainment that will now be heard on Oman’s airwaves.
The new Times Talk programme seems to have elicited a very good response from listeners in the Sultanate.
“I heard about the show from my friends and all the promotional material online. The first programme was really informative and the ones after that were excellent as well. I love the interactive angle they have, in terms of inviting people to call the studio for live questions, because this increases the interaction between residents and Times of Oman and also allows people to get answers to subjects they may not know enough about,” Pooja Shah, an Indian expat who has been raised in the Sultanate and currently works here, said.
“The WhatsApp messaging feature is a cool addition and it makes it very convenient to quickly get your point across. All these features are not just for show and it is quite clear that the dedicated team at T FM and Times of Oman really cares about its listeners,” she added.
Others who tuned in to the station in the Sultanate were also happy with the diverse mix of programming available. “I tuned in to T FM as I went to work this morning. They begin broadcasting news really early in the day and it was nice to get an update of the developments in Oman and around the world so quickly. They update the news every hour, so it is good for everyone to listen to Times radio and receive the latest news,” Ahmed Mohamed Suliman from Egypt said.
Aytekin Gojayeva, who has come to Oman from Azerbaijan, said: “My friends and I were actually discussing T FM this morning. It was really nice to listen to the positive vibes from T FM. It is quite clear that the people behind this new radio station have put quite a bit of thought and effort into their programming, so that everyone can enjoy listening to the radio.”
This sentiment was echoed by Indian resident Zarshis Avari. “It is great to have this new radio station, especially because they have extended this frequency to people living in Salalah. Sometimes when you are in Salalah, which is so far from the rest of the country, you’d think that people there may not be on anyone’s mind. But, it is amazing to see TFM specially announce these frequencies for Salalah and the Dhofar regions,” he said.
“Times of Oman is one of Oman’s oldest publications and has always had a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy news source. So, I am glad to see that they are expanding in the country. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them on the launch of their new radio station and wish them plenty of success and good fortune in the future,” Avari added.
Commenting on the response, TFM programme director Garima Bhandari said: “It’s been less than a week since we launched and the response has been incredible. From phone calls to WhatsApp messages, our lines have been busy since March 5. We’ve received numerous suggestions from our listeners about topics to be discussed on air. Bollywood songs are on top of that list, followed by Asian and local news.”
“Keeping in mind these suggestions, the station has something for everyone. TFM Mornings keeps you entertained with music and all that’s happening around the globe. Good conversation includes you, so get in on the topics, hear what others have to say, and win goodies along the way. Urban Pulse keeps you updated with the calendar of events in the city, while Times Talk makes sure you get a deep insight into front page news by hosting live conversations between guests and listeners. We look forward to creating a memorable name for ourselves in Oman,” she added.