5 house cleaning tips for allergy sufferers

Lifestyle Saturday 10/March/2018 20:13 PM
By: Times News Service
5 house cleaning tips for allergy sufferers

Many people turn to nasal sprays and antihistamines to combat seasonal nasal allergies or hay fever, but keeping the home clean is just as important in the fight against allergies.

Keep the outdoors out
While it is hard to control exposure to pollen and other triggers when outside, those with allergies can avoid bringing pollen into the house with them. Keep shoes and jackets limited to the entryway or mudroom, and shower and wash hair before bedtime to stop the spread of pollen.

Vacuum often
One key to minimising allergens at home is to vacuum at least twice per week. Start by using attachments to clean surfaces up high, working down to the floor. Make sure to vacuum curtains and upholstery as well as hard surfaces, and pay extra attention to entryways and areas around windows.

Wash bedding with hot water
Bedding also should be a focus when attempting to allergen-proof the home. Sheets, blankets and comforters attract dust mites in even the cleanest environments. Wash bedding once a week in hot water to keep allergens at bay. It's also smart to consider protective covers for mattresses and pillows to stop dust mites from getting in too deep.

Keep air dry
Too much moisture in the air can help dust mites thrive, and may also lead to mould. Using a dehumidifier, especially in humid climates or summer months, can help control the spread of mould and dust mites.

Minimise indoor plants
While plants can build ambiance in the home, some indoor plants can amplify allergy symptoms by releasing spores and other allergens into the air. For those with a green thumb who can't live without plants at home, make sure to research the plants that are least likely to increase pollen or mould exposure indoors.