Grooming habits that men need to let go

T-Mag Wednesday 07/March/2018 19:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Grooming habits that men need to let go

The notion that “real men” don’t wear moisturiser is history now. For, we are living in an era of well-groomed men, who are more knowledgeable about beauty and fashion, and are quite particular about their looks.

From David Beckham-inspired hairdos that scream elegance and the beard-swagger to spotless skincare regimens and expensive manicures, men are up for it all. What was once perceived a social stigma has become a sought-after, celebrated culture.

Still, there are certain grooming habits that work to your advantage and others that might be taking you to the wrong side of the track. We present a list of five trends that definitely need to go as they are ineffective in adding any suave or cool factor to your overall look.

1 Bathing in perfume
As cosmetic master Lewis Peacock would say: “Always make sure you’re wearing the fragrance, not the other way around.” Spraying your way into a woman’s heart has been the concept of perfume and body spray ads for as long as we can remember. Tell us, how did that work out for you? I guess it did not. Avoid death by eau de toilette by overloading yourself with excruciating amounts of strong, musky scents. The simple rule of using perfumes is to spray them in the air and follow the scent for that sensual or refreshing hint, not bathe in them, as it will only drive women (and perhaps everyone around you) away. Three sprays are enough for the day.

Also, it’s great to know your scent and match it with the occasion. For instance, oud fragrances are a major no-no for brunches and outdoor activities; instead spray a bit of fruity realness or floral scents that suit the occasion.

2 Growing a facial forest
Unless you are Santa Claus, wizard beards are downright unattractive. Why? Well, having a long, thick braggadocio beard may sound cool, but requires loads of attention. It needs consistent maintenance to keep the beard smooth and dirt-free, as well as ensuring that the length and cut are in check. Unless you have time and are willing to put in this much effort, the Gandalf look needs to get the chop.

3 Serving a furry back
Body hair is quite a subjective topic that depends on personal preference. Some people love a furry monster while others may prefer a smooth torso and a clean-shaven gentleman. It is, however, quite rare for a woman to praise a hairy back.

Some articles stated that back hair was having a moment recently, but we would like to differ. Nothing kills the vibe the way hairy backs do. Take it from us. It’s a carpet of hair that seems to be serving as nothing but a turn-off for a lot of women. We are not asking you to wax it off, but a little trim can do wonders. So find a method that works for you — waxing, laser, trimming — and then go for it.

4 Overgrown nails
There was a time in Muscat when young men and teens would keep long nails, often the last nail. It was a trend that appeared hip at the time, but now, it has become less of a trend and more of a symbolic representation.

They say women secretly pay extra attention to men’s shoes and teeth but they forget to mention that dirty, long nails are also always being observed. Some folks would grow their nails to rival those of Lady Gaga’s, not knowing that it may not be a good idea. Get yourself clippers and get it sorted.

Instead of growing your nails, make sure to visit the salon regularly for manicure and pedicure sessions. They will keep your nails looking flawless, polished, and, most importantly, clean. Women dig that.

5 Covering the bald
Hair loss is not fun at all, we truly understand that. But combing what’s left of your hair over the bald area is just a no-no. Trying to disguise a bald head is never easy, unless you put a wig on it. And the comb-over makes it even worse. Why not embrace the situation and make it work to your advantage? Think Dwayne -The Rock- Johnson or Jason Statham, two men who are known for being action-loving folks and love to showcase their male bravado, happen to sport a bald head that looks fantastic.