Unmarried workers living in Oman face eviction

Energy Tuesday 06/March/2018 11:43 AM
By: Times News Service
Unmarried workers living in Oman face eviction

Muscat: Unmarried individuals living in residential areas have three days to be registered with Muscat Municipality (MM) or face eviction, authorities have announced.
MM said in a statement online that it is "in the process of implementing a judicial ruling against the home owners that house single residents in residential neighbourhoods, without prior permission of the municipality".
Municipal authorities have given violators three days to evacuate the premises of "single residents".
Earlier this year another property in a residential area, which was being used to house single expatriates, was raided by MM and other authorities for violating local laws.
Article 31 of Local Order No. 23/92, prohibits the housing of workers in residential areas.
The municipality had stated that it was planning special housing complexes for single expatriates, in Bausher, Amerat, and Mabella.
Plans for housing complexes for single migrant workers in residential neighbourhoods were discussed by Municipal Council meeting and were approved by the council members.