Karachi Chefs at Home: Where food lovers meet fun

More sports Sunday 04/March/2018 20:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Karachi Chefs at Home: Where food lovers meet fun

Muscat: Karachi Chefs at Home (KCH), held its seventh meeting of the Muscat group at Al Maasa Hall in Ruwi on Saturday.
KCH is a popular all-female Facebook group with over 130,000 members all around the globe that connects Pakistanis and other nationalities who share the same passion of preparing delicious meals at home.
“The group in Muscat was created in 2015, but my partner, Maha Al Khayyam, and I have been organising meet-ups for about one and a half years now and this is our seventh meeting in such a short span of time,” shared Syeda Kishwar Jafri, Regional Head, KCH.
The meetings of KCH members are never an ordinary one as it always contains an element of fun. This time as well it consisted a number of fun-filled activities to entertain a hall filled with 60 food lovers that included coming up with creative yet funny group names, creating a logo of the group using the art supplies on the table, fitness segment, group quiz, cook-off, more games and a high tea.
“We have worked extremely hard for this day just to see everyone having a good time and returning to their homes all contented,” said Anam Rizvi, one of the volunteers at the event.
She further adds that she has been associated with KCH for about a year now and has thoroughly enjoyed gatherings like these as it provides an incredible platform to connect and learn from each other.
“The main idea of these gatherings is not only to connect Pakistanis living in Muscat but all nationalities that shares the same dedication in terms of cooking,” said Ms Jafri who is also a home-based baker and a shadow teacher at Muscat International School.
“I have never felt like an outsider being a part of this group. I wouldn’t hesitate saying that not only my cooking skills have improved but I have also made great friends through KCH,” Aleeza Hassan, a resident of India, said.
Ms Hassan is based in Muscat for about five years now and is working as a Paediatric Physiotherapist at a private centres. She joined the group two years ago and has been attending the gatherings since then.
“My mother especially flew from India a day before the event just to attend it. This meet-up is something we all look forward to as it is always full of entertainment and life, and you get to meet new members as well.”
Also, a separate floor was booked exclusively for the kids who came with their mothers to the event.
KCH is a brain child of Saba Mohsin Sheikha, a resident of Karachi based in Pakistan. She created this group of people sharing same taste in food after she realised that her cooking posts on Facebook were being criticised.