Seawater turns Oman's Pink Lake green

Energy Monday 26/February/2018 21:34 PM
By: Times News Service
Seawater turns Oman's Pink Lake green

Muscat: The Pink Lake is not living up to its name at the moment, and has, in fact, turned green. Reportedly, seawater has mixed with the lake water, giving it its new colour.
Nasir Al Ghanbousi, a local resident, told the Times of Oman: “In the last two months, due to the tidal phenomenon, the Pink Lake water has mixed with sea water. But soon, the sea level will decline, the lake’s salinity will begin to increase, and with high temperatures, the lake will regain its pink colour in the coming months.”
“The rare lake, one of the many in the Sultanate, is located on the coast of Al Suwih village Al Sharqiyah South and is a major tourist destination because it is close to the main road that connects Ras Al Hadd and Al Ashkharah. These lakes also serve as resting places for several migratory birds, such as pink flamingos,” Al Ghanbousi said.
He further remarked: “According to a study conducted by students of Sultan Qaboos University, behind the lake’s pink colour is a type of algae called Dunalilla Salina. These types of algae grow in high concentration of salt and B Carotene. There are different types of bacteria in this lake, such as Bacillus megaterium and Bacillus subtlilis.”
“The coast of Al Suwih village is frequented by tourists for swimming and windsurfing. They come in large numbers to practice near the Arabian Sea tourist resort and rent the same place, while others camp at the beach,” Al Ghanbousi added.