New menu to drool over

Lifestyle Monday 26/February/2018 20:22 PM
By: Times News Service
New menu to drool over

What happens when Omanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Egyptians, and Nepali chefs, with their decades of experience, bring the taste and the flavours of their homelands together? A platter to die for.
The Jungle platter, Jungle restaurant’s brand new, scrumptious offering, has been created by Head Chef Sasi Kumar at the restaurant in Qurum and his team of chefs, including seven from India, two each from Oman and Bangladesh, and one each from Egypt and Nepal.
In fact, the team has carved out an entirely new menu for the restaurant.
Located in the green environs of Qurum Natural Park, apart from its beatific scenery, the restaurant is now offering its guests new enjoyable dishes.
Dr Mary Ann Roberta, director, marketing and development for Al Nahda Hotels and Resorts, said the Jungle Restaurant has managed to bring the world on a plate.
“Please remember that the Jungle Restaurant has been around but our menu hasn’t. So, we are introducing a brand new menu, which will take you on a culinary journey from the tops of the mountains to the bottom of the seas, with delicious, crisp, and fresh recipes,” she said.
The menu includes the Signature Charcoal Grill, very popular in Oman. Among the new dishes, one must try the Arabic Expedition, which is a selection of hot and cold mezze with khubs or lemon chicken pita or fresh hamour chops caught from the Gulf, or the Urban Jungle, which is a selection of sizzling sausages. “Take your pick, we satisfy every palate,” she added.
Meat lovers can tuck into juicy Yemeni lamb, while fish fanatics can order Oman’s famous hamour steak or salmon T-Bone, featuring a Norwegian salmon marinated with dill and mustard.
Loyalists and old-timers can be rest assured. The top picks, Jungle Signature Grill and Tuna Darne, for which fresh Omani tuna is marinated in lemon zest and fresh herbs, have been retained on the menu.
“The Jungle Signature Grill is very famous. We create a campfire-like atmosphere for family and friends right at your dining table.
A secret compartment in each table has a personal grill, on which you can grill your own kebabs,” Roberta said.
Kazi Abdul Wahab, Complex General Manager of Jungle and Al Bahja Hall, said: “This time, we don’t just have kebabs on skewers but have introduced varieties of sausages, tiger prawns, lamb chops, Angus beef, and much more.”
Vegetarian options are also available for all of Jungle’s dishes. “All one needs to do is ask.”