Ooredoo partners with Industrial Management Technology and Contracting

Roundup Sunday 25/February/2018 19:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Ooredoo partners with Industrial Management Technology and Contracting

Muscat: As Oman’s digital partner, Ooredoo has teamed up with Industrial Management Technology and Contracting (IMTAC) to build a Smart Service Network.
As part of the Omani Smart Cities plans, the new-found alliance will provide Omani municipalities with smart city applications such as smart street light management solutions. IMTAC is the latest company to join this leading partnership with Ooredoo to deliver Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and initiatives for upcoming Smart City projects in the Sultanate.
Smart cities are urban areas, which bring together technology, government and society to improve the quality of services and welfare of its residents. Operating through infrastructure that securely integrates technology, the aim is to promote ‘Smart’ solutions across the public and private sectors and to create eco-friendly and intelligent cities. The implementation of smart street lighting will provide the much-needed platform for future smart city applications in Oman. In addition to being a valuable asset, smart lighting will improve the efficiency, functionality and value of city services by saving energy, lowering costs and reducing maintenance. Further benefits to citizens include reduced CO2 emissions, pedestrian and driver safety and the revival of city projects to generate more jobs.
Sultan Al Wahaibi, Chief Business and Wholesale Officer at Ooredoo, said, “Bringing the IoT to Oman has been a top priority for Ooredoo on our journey into digitalisation. As the Sultanate’s digital partner, this strategic alliance with IMTAC to offer innovative IoT solutions will complement our comprehensive telecommunication services. This agreement comes in line with our commitment to enhance the digital experience of our customers through improving infrastructure and the use of proven new technologies to increase human development.”
Ashok Sardiwal, the chief executive officer at IMTAC, Oman said, ‘We are excited to be partnering with Ooredoo as one of their IoT service providers. With our expertise and aligned views for providing innovative services through the latest technologies to enhance customer experience, organisations in Oman will start feeling the benefits of advanced technology in improving how cities function in a sustainable and efficient manner.”
This partnership is one of many steps Ooredoo has been taking in delivering Internet-of-things to Oman. To this end, the company has partnered with National Electricity Centre to build an advanced IoT network that will give the Sultanate the world-class technology that it needs and has introduced products such as the Smart Metering Services.