'Mandoos' is a graphic treasure trove of Omani culture

Oman Saturday 24/February/2018 21:10 PM
By: Times News Service
'Mandoos' is a graphic treasure trove of Omani culture

Muscat: Muscat Media Group (MMG) launched the first ever infographic book at this year's Muscat International Book Festival.
"Mandoos - A Graphic Treasury of Oman" tells the story of Oman, in terms of culture and lifestyle, through the dynamic graphics. It is designed so that the readers will enjoy the visual aspects and the wealth of information it contains.
"As multimedia producers, our aim is to convey information in dynamic, engaging, beautiful ways. This means taking stories beyond the written word,” said the publisher, adding that "by marrying well-researched text with graphic representations, information comes to life.
"Over the years, our talented graphic team has produced intricate, award-winning infographics that capture fundamental aspects of Omani culture, from national dress to frankincense harvesting, cliff diving to preparing and serving khawa (coffee).
"These graphics are a treasure-trove of local culture and lifestyle, and through this book, we hope to preserve these beautiful representations for future generations," the publisher added.
‘Mandoos’ is a compendium of selected works produced for various titles in the stable, including Times of Oman, Al Shabiba, Hi Weekly, and Thursday Magazine, from 2010 to 2017.
MMG established its visual policy on April 4, 2010, with the publication of its first in-house infographic. Since then, the organisation has produced internationally acclaimed, award-winning infographic stories, winning prizes from the Malofiej Awards, Wan-Ifra Asian Media Awards and the Society for News Design.