Bank Sohar supports Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children

Roundup Tuesday 20/February/2018 18:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Bank Sohar supports Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children

Muscat: Bank Sohar recently contributed to the Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children – Wilayat of Dhank, as part of its comprehensive corporate social responsibility programme - Sohar Al Atta.
The bank’s donation will fund the purchase of necessary equipment for the wellbeing of the association members.
Commenting on Bank Sohar’s support, Munira Abdulnabi Macki, GM – HR and Corporate Support, Bank Sohar, said, “Bank Sohar is an organisation that is strongly committed to being socially responsible. Over the years, we have been consistently proactive towards empowering Oman’s youth, communities, women and spearheading projects that fuel sustainable development under Sohar Al Atta social responsibility programme. Reaching out to the Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children in Wilayat of Dhank builds on a longstanding good relationship with them, and comes as part of our commitment to social responsibility at large.”
The donation cheque was handed over to Salim Abdullah Al Rubkhi, board member of the Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children by Mazin Mahmood Al Raisi, Sr. AGM Marketing & Customer Experience, Bank Sohar at the Rustaq branch.
Mahra Salim Al Saadi, the supervisor of the association’s Dhank branch, said, “We appreciate the support of Bank Sohar in helping us reach our goals. It means a lot to us that a reputed financial institution such as Bank Sohar has faith in what we do and, more importantly, recognises the importance of integrating every social stratum of society with the mainstream through consistent and conscious outreach initiatives. We look forward to their continued support.”
Bank Sohar’s assistance to the association joins a list of similar efforts that aims to provide timely aid to a wide variety of charity and non-profit organisations across the Sultanate. They range from childcare centres, associations devoted to disability causes and charity associations and much more.
Over the years, Bank Sohar has supported over 30 organisations numerous times around the Sultanate under its social responsibility programme striving to ensure that its contributions are carefully planned and evaluated in order to diversify and reach the maximum number of people - especially those in most need of it - offering recipients positive support and making meaningful change.
The Association for the Welfare of Handicapped Children serves children from the ages of 6 to 14 through a comprehensive programme of education, health, physical and academic services. It gives physically challenged children an opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest and works on integrating them into the community. The association aim is to provide every handicapped Omani child - with any form of disability - education and assistance. The association also plays an advocacy role; it seeks to establish as many centres as possible in the region and support scientific studies and research on causes of disability.