Award winners pledge to continue efforts towards GDP contribution

Business Saturday 17/February/2018 15:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Award winners pledge to continue efforts towards GDP contribution

Muscat: Winners of the Sultan Qaboos Awards for Industrial Excellence 2017-2018 said they would continue their efforts to increase production and extend support to local products, so as to raise their contribution to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).
Emphasising the need to find alternatives and solutions for development of the Omani industry, they pointed out that the award would help in improving the performance of the companies and would make them sustainable.
The award was a reflection of the vision of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Moci) to create a competitive environment that would effectively support the development of the economy. Officials of the winning companies said industrial development was one of the main features of the overall development of the economy.
"It is the highest award in the Sultanate in the industrial area and it supports and encourages growth in industry, including big and medium companies. It is a unique opportunity to honour all those who present industrial ideas of high standards,” Hamad bin Nasser Al Farsi, assistant general manager of the Jindal Shadeed Company Iron and Steel, said.
"Winning the award means a lot to us and helps us to stimulate the company for further development. Employees of the company have worked as a team and contributed to the development of the work environment. This has resulted in this achievement,” Mohammed bin Harith Al Barashidi, chief executive officer of Oman Fibre Optic company, said.
The award would contribute to the development of the telecommunications sector locally and regionally, he added.
"This award means a lot to the company. It is encouraging to the company and its employees and for building trust between the board of directors and the management of the executive company. It also encourages us to do more. Developing a company for an industry has a vital impact on the economy in general, as well as on the company itself and its shareholders,” Hilal bin Saif Al Dhamiri, general manager of Oman Cement Company, said.
He further pointed out that the award was a valuable support that would have a psychological impact not only on employees but also on suppliers, and government and private agencies.
"The Sultan Qaboos Awards for Industrial Excellence focus on evaluating the maturity of major operations within companies and factories. During the evaluation period, Oman Flour Mills proved its ability to meet the requirements in the competition, specifically regarding its operations. The company's current performance evaluation practices using KPIs were appreciated by all,” Sheikh Sultan bin Hilal Al Maawali, chief executive officer of Oman Flour Mills, said.
During its meetings with the evaluation team, the company highlighted various strategic initiatives launched in various departments, which had a positive impact on improving efficiency and cost reduction. The company also briefed the evaluation team on the efforts to develop the society with a particular emphasis on the school meal programme, he further added.