Video: Watch this burglary attempt go hilariously wrong

T TV Saturday 17/February/2018 11:37 AM
By: Times News Service

Shanghai: A break-in attempt by two burglars in Shanghai was foiled by one of the burglars himself.
The video uploaded by the Shanghai Police Department is now going viral online.
The encounter that was captured on CCTV footage shows two masked men, each holding a brick, approaching a building.
The first burglar attempts to break into the store by throwing a brick at the building, but it bounces off the building and onto the ground. When he rushes to collect the brick, the second burglar takes his shot and hurls it in the same direction. However, this time the brick hits his accomplice in his head.
The first burglar collapses to the floor within seconds and the brick-throwing burglar is seen picking his partner’s limp body and dragging him away from the scene.