Video games sales in Oman remain strong, say retailers

Energy Wednesday 07/February/2018 22:23 PM
By: Times News Service
Video games sales in Oman remain strong, say retailers

Muscat: Sales of video games in the Sultanate have remained strong since the beginning of the year, according to retailers selling the latest PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch titles.
With many major releases lined up over the next 12 months, several businesses are looking forward to an even stronger 2018.
The expected strong performance of console games in Oman, as well as the massive popularity of Nintendo Switch mirrors global trends in Europe, and North and South America.
Yunus, a sales clerk based in Qurum, said, “Sales have been great. Customers really love games such as Call of Duty: WWII, the new Monster Hunter, and Shadow of War. With Far Cry 5 and others soon to be released, I expect this year to be even better than the last.”
The video game industry has continued to look at the potential of the Middle East market, with countries in the region consistently achieving high sales amid a boom in online and console gaming. Retailers such as Bijeesh, who sell video games in Muscat, agreed.
“Customers love football games followed by first person shooters, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. Then, there is Uncharted,” he told the Times of Oman, adding, “In addition, console exclusive games are also dominating sales.”
“For Xbox One users, Forza is really big. The Nintendo Switch, however, has been huge. People love its diversity of games, unlike the Wii U, which wasn’t as popular because there was a lack of titles,” he further said.
While figures for Oman were unavailable, Bijeesh’s sentiment is affirmed by statistics, which showed that Switch was the fastest selling home video game console in US history, according to a statement from Nintendo. Worldwide sales for the highly popular gaming system, which was first released on March 3, 2017, hit 10 million units in under a year.
With gaming in the region continuing to enjoy a boom in line with the GCC’s massive retail sales growth over the last decade, it is highly likely that gamers and retailers in Oman have much to look forward to in the upcoming year.