Three-day VIP number auction starts in Oman

Energy Monday 05/February/2018 21:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Three-day VIP number auction starts in Oman

Muscat: The auction for VIP numbers was launched on Monday and will continue for three days, authorities said.
Mohammed Al Kindi, Executive Manager of the Regulatory and Compliance Unit, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), said at the beginning: “The bidding process shall start with OMR100 for Diamond numbers and OMR75 for Gold numbers and the increase in the following bid shall not be less than OMR50.
“The auction shall be awarded to the highest bidder and in all cases, the TRA may increase the starting bid amount, according to the circumstances of each auction.”
Regarding the Diamond and Gold numbers, Al Kindi explained: “Chapter three of the regulation organising the allocation of telecommunication numbers stipulates that allocation and re-allocation of Diamond and Gold numbers shall be made by way of auction in accordance with specific procedures.
“These procedures include the licensees to be obliged to operate the bidding system and provide all necessary requirements to operate the system at the licensee’s cost; bidding shall be in OMR; bidding shall take place upon request by the licensee and in accordance with the TRA applicable rules and regulations; registration period for the auction shall be three days before the start of the auction; registration for the auction shall be made by a mobile telephone number registered with a mobile licensee in Oman after payment of OMR20; the licensee shall be entitled to 3 per cent of the registration proceeds with a maximum of OMR5,000 for each auction after deducting any charges towards online payments; offers during the bidding period shall be limited only to registrants; the bidding process shall commence on the day following the end of the registration period and shall continue for two days; and the TRA may extend the auction period at the request of the licensee.”