Cash gift on JAC's range of versatile trucks

Roundup Tuesday 30/January/2018 18:43 PM
By: Times News Service
Cash gift on JAC's range of versatile trucks

Muscat: Towell Auto Centre (TAC), the exclusive distributor of JAC vehicles in Oman, is offering amazing cash gift offers on JAC’s versatile light duty driving license trucks.
The offer runs until March 9, giving customers the opportunity to own efficient, flexible and versatile trucks that are built to negotiate Oman’s urban and suburban areas. TAC’s attractive cash discounts are exclusively for the JAC Titan 3.5 tonne SC and the Titan 3 tonne DC truck.
After deducting the cash gift amount, the JAC Titan 3.5 tonne single cab comes at an unbelievable price of OMR8,000, and the Titan 3 tonne double cab at OMR6,900. Both trucks have an unbelievable OMR2,500 cash discount on them, with both having the flexibility and versatility of being fitted with water tank, freezer/chiller, recovery, cargo and open load applications.
With the powerful performance of a turbocharged Cummins ISF 3800cc diesel engine, a combined maximum load capacity of 6,500kg and elegant design, the JAC Motors Titan 3.5 tonne SC and Titan 3 tonne DC promises to deliver a reliable transportation asset for business owners in Oman.
According to Towell Auto Centre, “JAC’s trucks are ideal vehicles for various types of businesses operating in the Sultanate and have won the admiration and trust of customers across a number of industries like transportation, construction, fisheries and farming. JAC’s versatile range of trucks can be fitted with water tanks, refrigerated storage, strong load capacity, cold storage and several other features for various applications. In addition to being sturdy, durable and having impressive fuel efficiency, JAC trucks also meet the international standards of safety and stable road performance. Thanks to the low cost and maintenance, the Titan 3.5 tonne SC and 3 tonne DC promises affordable and reliable transportation solutions for all kinds of business needs. These trucks without a doubt would be powerful, versatile and fuel-efficient additions to any fleet.”
JAC Motors trucks, which are available in Oman exclusively at Towell Auto Centre (TAC) are built and integrated with superior technology to meet the needs of its drivers across varying road conditions. In addition to meeting international safety standards, JAC’s trucks offer elegant exteriors and interiors.
With a showroom in Ghala, customers can have a look at the JAC vehicles they are interested in as well as have any queries answered by the sales experts there or they can just walk into the other showrooms located in Barka, Buraimi, Ibra, Ibri, Nizwa, Salalah, Sohar, Sur, and Wattayah.