Zubair SEC helps member expand operations in Nizwa with Al Raffd Financing

Roundup Monday 29/January/2018 19:13 PM
By: Times News Service
Zubair SEC helps member expand operations in Nizwa with Al Raffd Financing

Muscat: Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) has helped its member Aliya Abdullah Al Nahbani, owner of Al Rawaye Al Shamikha poultry farm to launch a new top-notch barn in Nizwa after a successful model they launched together with a previous barn a year ago.
The launch event was held under the patronage of Khalid Muhammad Al Zubair, managing director of The Zubair Corporation. The event was attended by members of Al Shurah Council for Izki and Bahla, Deputy Wali (deputy governor) for Nizwa, Director of Al Raffd Fund in Nizwa, and representatives from the private and public sector and distinguished members from the local community in Nizwa in addition to executive management representatives of The Zubair Corporation, Zubair SEC.
This is the second full fledge poultry barn that Zubair SEC is helping Aliya launch for her company Al Rawaye Al Shamikha. The first modernised barn was launched in January 2017. Before joining the centre, Aliya was running two manually operated poultry barns. Today, she runs four poultry barns under her company. A well-strategised expansion that was in place due to the increasing market demand for her high-quality products.
The funding for the second barn was provided by Al Raffd Fund, a government financial organisation aimed to fund, support, encourage and promote the entrepreneurial growth of Omani citizens. Zubair SEC facilitated the funding by Al Raffd Fund in line with its collaboration agreement with Al Raffd Fund. It may be recalled that with an objective to develop the growth of Omani entrepreneurs, Zubair SEC and Al Raffd Fund had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in 2016 to support and help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and aspiring entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas in Oman. Al Raffd Fund granted the funding to Alia under its special scheme set for empowering women entrepreneurs in rural areas.Al Rawaye Al Shamikha’s first hi-tech barn was funded by the grant money Aliya received for being the winner of the Direct Support Programme in 2016.
Since Aliya joined Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme and launched the first modernized barn last year, her business production increased by 120%. With the new expansion, Al Rawaye Al Shamikha’s production is expected to increase by 140% and total revenue is expected to increase by 180%.
Congratulating Aliya, Khalid Muhammad Al Zubair said, “Aliya is a role model for persevering entrepreneurs. She has taken on a challenging business model and made a success out of it. Women entrepreneurs face unique obstacles to conquer, but Aliya has overcome them through her grit and determination. She has busted barriers and found decisive success in entrepreneurship. Though Aliya won her seat in Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme back in 2016, we have been more than happy to continue supporting her because she is truly an inspiring story to emulate. Wherever Zubair SEC sees a potential for growth, they keep supporting programme members regardless of the year they won the seat.” He added, “I would also like to express my appreciation to our partners Al Raffd Fund for supporting Aliya and extending the needed financing for her new business expansion. We are very proud of our strong relationship with Al Raffd and we commit to keeping nourishing this partnership”
Mohammed Saif Al Amri, general manager for Investment Al Raffd Fund said, “We are delighted to extend our support to an enterprising young woman who is an inspiring model for the society. In line with rural women empowerment, we earmark special funding to women entrepreneurs in Oman and Aliya is a worthy candidate for the same. We would like to applaud the efforts and role of Zubair SEC in her success story. We look forward to continuing working closely with Zubair SEC and encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and help them envision and carry out their business plans.”
Aliya Al Nabhanisaid, “I am utterly grateful for the guidance and knowledge that the advisors at Zubair SEC have been sharing with me. With their support and empowerment, I have been able to expand with operations and set clear marketing and production development goals for my business. I also thank Al Raffd Fund for the funding of my fourth barn. The partnership between Zubair SEC and Al Raffd has made this new milestone possible.”
She added, “There is a clear increasing demand for my farm’s products, and we have plans to expand our targeted markets to other parts of the Sultanate and also to supply hypermarkets.”
The new barn is designed and installed in a manner that allows portability and relocation if Aliya wishes to move her operations. At 400 metres square the space area of the modern barns is larger than manual ones. The new barn is built as per modern chicken farming standards by applying the Sandwich Panel construction method, which provides thermal insulation. It is important to note that thermal insulation provides a better environment for the chicken and saves on electricity, therefore environment-friendly. The new barn also applies automatic irrigation methods saving water consumption, as opposed to manual methods used for the first two barns. The new barn follows latest health and safety standards and appropriate spacing to prevent transmission of diseases.
With an objective to enforce the company’s business development and market positioning, Zubair SEC had created a new brand identity for Al Rawaye Al Shamikha in 2017. The new brand identity was created and designed in close consultation with Aliya. She was advised to engage with stakeholders including the local community member, friends and family to get insight and feedback on the new branding before its launch.