Deadly bomb blasts target Colombian police stations

T TV Monday 29/January/2018 14:01 PM
By: Times News Service

Two bomb blasts killed two officers and injured seven people in northern Colombia, a day after a similar bombing in the same area.
The aftermath of deadly double bomb blasts in Colombia, targeting police stations on Sunday.
The first explosion killed two officers and injured a third, just before midnight in the northern province of Bolivar. The other went off four hours later, miles away near coastal Barranquilla city, injuring five police officers and one other.
Those bombings came after a similar, and deadlier, attack the day before in the same area. That blast killed another five officers and injured more than forty, as they gathered to receive daily orders.
Officials suspect it may all be connected. General Mariano Botero, Police Commander of Barranquilla said, "It appears they (the bombs) were installed simultaneously and what we presume is that it was for them to be detonated in a synchronised manner."
Authorities have arrested one person in connection with the earliest bombing. Officials suspect that the attack may be an act of retaliation by crime gangs that have been hit by police raids in the area.
Crime gangs with large networks run rampant in the country, many of which are tied to the making and trafficking of cocaine to the United States and Europe.