New driving licence rules announced in Oman

Oman Monday 29/January/2018 11:14 AM
By: Times News Service
New driving licence rules announced in Oman

Muscat: New drivers in Oman will be issued with temporary driving licences for 12 months under a probation scheme, Royal Oman Police has announced.
A points system for traffic offences is also being rolled out across the Sultanate, beginning on March 1.
And if you get more than 10 'black' points on your temporary driving licence — issued to all new drivers — then you'll be sent back to driving school to take more lessons.
Temporary driving licences will be extended by one year against any new driver who clocks up more than 7 black points in a year, according to the new traffic law.
However, good drivers with clean sheets will get a full 10-year driving licence if they don’t exceed six black points during their temporary driving licence period.
On March 1, the new laws come into effect putting in place hefty penalties for serious traffic offences as well as black points against the licence of the driver.
"Earlier, errant drivers could get away with paying comparatively low fines, but from now on the rules are getting tough," a road safety expert said.