These four apps developed by Omani trainees stole the show at SAS graduation event

Oman Wednesday 24/January/2018 16:10 PM
By: Times News Service
These four apps developed by Omani trainees stole the show at SAS graduation event

Muscat: Forty-eight talented young Omanis of the sixth batch, have graduated from the Sas Mobile Apps Development Centre.
The event was celebrated by the Information Technology Authority (ITA) on Wednesday.
As part of the 3-month programme they picked up app developing skills on 3 operating systems IOS, Android and Hybrid and also developed 27 mobile applications.
The event was attended by Dr. Salim bin Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, CEO of ITA and ITA’s management and employees.
During the ceremony, 4 developed apps were showcased and introduced by the graduated trainees selected as the best successful projects.
The first best mobile app showcased called nSmart Restaurant, developed by Shihab bin Husain Al A'amri, who described the app by saying “the idea of this app is to make it easier and faster for customers to order food from restaurant through the mobile app which is operated on NFC technology. Customers would only need to use their mobile phones to order food immediately after sitting on the restaurant’s table. This app also helps restaurants to receive and collect orders quicker than before.
"Through the mobility training programme offered by Sas Mobile Apps Development Centre, we learned the fundamentals of building apps for smart phones and the trainers helped us to implement our projects step by step. Besides, the learning environment at the centre was attractive and encouraging for creativity and innovation, he further commented.
The 2nd best app which was showcased was Yusr developed by Ibtisam bint Ali Al Mubihisi and Maia bint Ahmed Al Bahri.
Speaking about the app Ibtisam said, “Yusr app aims to provide users with a useful platform to request services from different companies in various professions to meet customer needs. It simplifies the process of applying for (housekeepers, transfer service, servants, chef booking, cleaning service, and hospitality service).
“Dwaiee” mobile app was also among the best projects developed by Arwa bint Said Al Shanfari and Anwar bint Zaid Al Mahrami. About the app, Arwa said Dwaiee app is a tool that help patients to take medicine on time. It equips them with appropriate knowledge that increases their medicine awareness and adherence. Furthermore, users can have repository with all medicines taken on the go any time at anywhere. Dwaiee app notifies the user to take the medicine prior or after food for the specified time by the physician.”
The 3rd best mobile app showcased was “Tiny Link” developed by Zainab bint Said Al Shithani and Dalal bint Husain Al Lawati. Describing their app Zainab said “It is a communication platform between nurseries, parents and nannies. Nannies can share with parents the daily reports of about their kids and parents can view reports in their accounts. It also shows weekly summery graphical representation about the kid. Additionally, nurseries can manage the accounts of nannies and kids and share the schedule of their events with the nannies and parents.”
The centre was launched in June 2016 to provide a quality platform and industry cluster to build and enhance the national development skills, talents and capacity required to develop ideas into commercially sustainable mobile applications and businesses. The centre targets students, jobseekers, freelancers, Start-ups / Entrepreneurs and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
Up to date, 6 batches graduated from the centre training programme with 286 trainees. This programme is designed for 3 months comprehensive training in the three operating systems: Android, iOS and Hybrid. The centre choses 10 graduates from each batch to enrol on the job attachment programme (OJP) in the centre in which they will are given projects to work on and more advanced raining.
Sas Centre for Mobile Apps Development also offers the centre labs and facilities for any organization or SMEs who would like to conduct a training programme there.
In addition, the centre provides free consultancy services for university and college students for their graduation projects in mobile apps development, as well as for SMEs.