Practice Kriya Yoga in Muscat

Lifestyle Wednesday 24/January/2018 16:06 PM
By: Times News Service
Practice Kriya Yoga in Muscat

Kriya Yoga is a form of meditation that helps one attain a healthy body, peaceful mind, along with a razor-sharp intellect by using effective Yogic disciplines. Kriya Yoga is a time-tested technique, based on sound, light, and vibrations, which through a very specific catalogued science of breath, activates the brain cells and spine, which in turn enables one to get a balance of mind and health. It involves energising the life centres and chakras along the spine.
Through the continuous practice of this meditation technique, a process of mental transformation occurs that allow people to gain ethical intellectual and spiritual experiences moulding their life into a meaningful existence. By its practice, the impure blood within the body is purified and with sufficient breath entering into the lungs and heart, the nerves and arteries become more active. With the speedy purification of blood, the digestive power increases too. The body becomes strong, active, and retentiveness, receptivity, and intellect grow tremendously. It has been instrumental in changing life of millions.
There is a group of practitioners here in Muscat representing Kriya Yoga International who conduct weekly group meditations during weekends. They are planning to host a Kriya Yoga Meditation Workshop for interested participants in Muscat.-[email protected]

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