18 Omani staff completes training programme at Saud Bahwan Group

Roundup Sunday 14/January/2018 18:33 PM
By: Times News Service
18 Omani staff completes training programme at Saud Bahwan Group

Muscat: At a special event held at the well-equipped Saud Bahwan Group (SBG) Advanced Learning Centre (ALC), 18 national staff members were felicitated on the successful completion of Toyota Parts Sales Team Skills course.
This special course was designed to update and upgrade the knowledge base and the skill sets of the candidates.
Felicitating the successful graduates, Mohammed Saud Bahwan, chairman, Saud Bahwan Group remarked, “Today, we are here to congratulate our young graduates of the programme. Dear graduates - I am confident that the programme has not only added new dimensions to your skill set but to your personality, as well. The skills you now have will help you contribute to the growth of the organisation while improving customer experience. I wish you all the best as you continue to pursue rewarding careers at SBG.”
Briefly touching upon the focus on training of nationals at the group, he said, “Advanced Learning Centre offers a variety of programmes to provide continuous training to our national staff in the areas of product knowledge, selling skills, attitude and behaviour, self-management etc., with the objective of enhancing their careers.”
In conclusion, he underlined the focus on Omanisation activities in the Group “I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to the induction, training and development of Omani talent and to continue to humbly contribute to this vital national priority.’
This particular course was for a span of 5 months and the phase 1 comprised Pan Oman Assessment test to gauge the knowledge levels of the participants. The phase 2 & 3 comprised a classroom module on auto-fundamentals to build the basic knowledge of engine function, transmission, braking concepts, sensors, artificial intelligence, amongst other relevant subjects. Phase 4 enhanced the technical knowledge and selling skills of the candidates. The module also delved into the precise fundamentals of Toyota parts, department procedures & processes including customer engagement in the selling process. The final assessment/written tests were in phase 5.
The penultimate stage 6 was for the selected top-ranking participants. The finalists presented a power point presentation to mark the successful completion of the course.
Later in the function, two of the graduates expressed their appreciation. One of the graduates remarked, “After attending the course, I came across a lot of changes in myself. I now know how to do the same work in a smarter way and in lesser time, which allows me to take on more responsibilities. I have also learned how to motivate myself and my colleagues.”
In a similar vein, another graduate acknowledged that the education he received was outstanding, “I have learned a lot in the program...how to handle parts inquiries while talking to customers - understanding their needs. How to enhance and improve the experience customers have with us. And there are a lot of many other things I can do now, with even more confidence.”
Over the years, a plethora of awards – locally, regionally and from across the globe – have been bestowed on SBG Training Facilities. These include the Grade 1 ranking by UK Adult Learning Inspectorate and the IMI (UK) award for Excellence in Technical Training. Its trained technicians have also won 25 medals at World, Regional and Middle East skills contest championships in different categories.
Under the direct supervision of Mohammed Saud Bahwan, chairman, Saud Bahwan Group, Omanisation is a continuous process at SBG. The group has a large and growing cadre of Omani staff spread all over the country. Omanis are employed in various functional areas including sales & marketing, service & parts, customer care, advertising, accounts, audit, instalment credit, administration, warehousing, computer service, personnel & Omanisation and human resource development.
For SBG, the top priority has always been to make a meaningful contribution to this vital national priority.