OmanPride: Oman praises Sultanate’s Gulf Cup win

More sports Wednesday 10/January/2018 19:29 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Oman praises Sultanate’s Gulf Cup win

#ReadersResponse: In the wake of Oman’s success at the 2017 Arab Gulf Cup of Nations, residents in the Sultanate have come together to praise the national team’s success in Kuwait City.
Marian Malana said, “congratulations to you and the whole team,” as Sekar Rajarathinam added, “our prayers and best wishes to you all.”
“Congratulations on your success,” said Nazir Ahmed Basra, with Mohammed Rajek chipping in with “hard work never fails,” and Muhammad Sajjad saying, “congratulations, you are the pride of the country”.
Oman beat United Arab Emirates 5-4 on penalties, after both finished their normal time and extra time goal-less.
The game was best remembered for goalkeeping heroics by Oman’s Faiz Al Rashidi, who saved an 89th minute penalty from Emirati midfielder Omar Abdulrahman, one that would’ve guaranteed the UAE victory if successfully converted, before once again saving the crucial fifth penalty in the shootout. Residents in the Sultanate have praised the hard work the team put in to achieve this success.
Melissa Ollero contributed with, “Masha Allah, mabrook to all the football players from team Oman, as Nyliram B Gamala said, “may Allah bless you more. Mabrook to all the Omani players and congrats on your success.”
Bernice Broom called Oman’s success a “fantastic achievement” as Pushpa Bharti Mankani said “heartiest congratulations to all the members of the Oman football team.”
Gurpreet Singh Bhamber also shared his opinion on the game. “I saw the match on YouTube. Congratulations Oman, this was a well deserved and well-earned win,” as Hamood Al Hashmi also added his praise with, “congratulations to the Omani team”.
“Congratulations Oman,” were the simple words from Devdutt Pandya, after Lilith Rodin said, “Wow! What a beautiful performance! I wish I was there. Congratulations Oman! A great team for an amazing and beautiful country!”
Elisha David said, “congrats Oman! I miss working in this place. Just love the country! God bless His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and the nation,” and Margaret Brain said, “Congratulations, Oman. What a great show of national pride with such brilliant performance.”
Nora Grupo said,“Mabrook! Big applause to the Oman team. Congratulations and cheers to everybody,” as Selva Joulakian added, “even though I was stuck in traffic because of these celebrations, it is okay. Congratulations to Oman!”
In the wake of Oman’s Gulf Cup triumph, the team were honoured by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos himself. Michael Barati said, “congratulations for the great achievement of the Oman soccer team and God bless His Majesty Sultan Qaboos for his kindness.”
Maria Al Said added, “thank you to His Majesty for his most kind heart towards his people,” as Ahamed Syed chipped in with, “Masha Allah. These are amazing rewards to our heroes. May Allah give strong health to our Majesty.”
Caru Justin shared her opinions, saying, “Well deserved reward, they have done a fantastic job. Oman’s football team rocks,” with Naresh Kumar also congratulating the team. “His Majesty acknowledging the team itself a great gift for the players.”
“God bless the king, and congratulations to team Oman,” finished off Laura Prety.
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