Try out the exotic ice cream flavours at Haagen-Dazs

T-Mag Wednesday 03/January/2018 15:26 PM
By: Times News Service
Try out the exotic ice cream flavours at Haagen-Dazs

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend is clearly deluded. Do you look at your diamond set when you are feeling low on energy, or just had a break up, or have an incurable craving? No. You run to your refrigerator, take that box of ice-cream out and stuff your face with it until you feel like all your problems have been solved, at least temporarily.

Haagen Dazs has for a long time been a permanent resident of my freezer. Looks like I am going to be a permanent resident of Haagen Dazs in 2018. With branches of Haagen Dazs opening in Muscat, and that too not just as any ice cream parlour that you are accustomed to going in Oman, but as a proper experience cafe where you can spend at least a couple of ice-creamilicious hours, I’m very sure that I’m going to be in a state of sugar rush for a good portion of this year.

Haagen Dazs recently opened its first branch at the Oman Avenues Mall, flaunting its classy colour-coded interiors and setting that will effortlessly invite people in. With more than 20 flavours of ice-creams and plenty of other sweet delicacies to choose from, Haagen Dazs is going to be one place for all those with a sweet tooth to look out for. The staff and attendants are as friendly as the ambience and this experience cafe has lived up to the standards of the brand.

The idea of the experience cafe, contrary to the usual ice cream parlour where you choose your flavours over the counter and walk away with your ice cream, is to make people sit and savour on the different flavours of ice cream and other desserts and breakfast foods that they have to offer. This reflects in not just their ambience, but also in their food - the way it is plated, served and eventually devoured.

Some of my favourites from everything I tried to get my hands on would be:
Chocolate brownie: A plate full of exploding, flavoursome deliciousness that had shades of brown and off-white taunting waiting for me. Watching the dish was like enjoying a well choreographed dance performance. The cookie dough chip and vanilla caramel brownie icecream started melting and amalgamated with the warm brownies covered in caramelised almond nibs, topped with whipped cream. OMR 5.200
Banana Caramel Crepes: If you have a long day and want to feel high on life and energy, then this could be an ideal breakfast meal. Fresh banana pieces blanketed by soft crepes, served with cream and salted caramel is a delight to feed on. Salted caramel ice cream is perhaps going to be my new favourite flavour. This coming from someone who has rejected any flavour other than chocolates is huge. OMR 4.200
Cheesecake Pleasure: Now this is a plate that has the maximum number of flavours all put together. Who knew you could have the sweet mango sorbet and distinctly tangy blueberries with cheesecake and cream that is served with crunchy granola with chocolate sauce and loads of strawberries. Flavour blast! OMR 6.200.
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