Oman leisure: Eat Smart on supporting local athletes and body builders

Lifestyle Tuesday 26/December/2017 20:06 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman leisure: Eat Smart on supporting local athletes and body builders

Having a killer physique and pursuing physical perfection with meaty muscles is on almost every young man’s bucket list, but sometimes challenges may block you from achieving that body, especially if you are a body builder or an athlete preparing for a competition; as specific (and sometimes expensive) regimens are required for pumping those veiny biceps. Luckily Eat Smart has taken the initiative to support the body building culture in Oman by providing food, meal plans, and supplements without charge.
Speaking to Rashid Mohammed Al Balushi, a former Eat Smart manager, this sport’s culture is in rapid growth in the Gulf, and Oman is no different. So supporting young locals to achieving higher levels of success and competing on international grounds is a must as those competing will bring home the trophy and make Oman proud.
What is Eat Smart? It is a one-stop-shop for everything healthy founded by Abdul Kareem Al Zadjali and Ahmed Abdul Qadir Al Balushi. The brand has a restaurant that offers a variety of calorie-counted dishes designed to fit those on a weight loss, weight gain, or body building journey, offering clean, nutritious food and desserts. The brand also has a supplement shop where items such as vitamins, fat-burners, and protein shakes can be found.
Raising awareness on the importance of healthy eating habits in our community is crucial, which is what Eat Smart is all about, as it contributes to its people by encouraging young performers to join competitions and funding them from preparing meal plans that suit their needs, to offering supplements, flight tickets to international competitions, and accommodation. “Our strategy on raising awareness is supporting hard-working athletes in all body building categories by covering all travel expenses” said Rashid, adding that this takes the financial element on their minds and help them focus more on the competition.
Rashid couldn’t stress enough on the importance of a well-structured diet, as anything consumed can affect your performance, which is Eat Smart’s job to ensure that the food aspect is taken care of. And this is a way to encourage those who cannot afford expensive meal plans to participate and celebrate the body building culture.
Apart from proving food, Eat Smart also trains and follows up with participants on their exercising journey. Some of the medal-winning beasts like Haitham Sadiq Al Zadjali put Oman’s name in the map of body builders around the globe.
Other competitions sponsored by Eat Smart include Mr Olympia for Amateurs, the Oman Championship, Batal Al Abtal Championship, Champion of Weight-85, and local teams that participate in national and international contests include Bait Al Quwa, Champion Gym, and Oman Muscle, to name a few. “The bodybuilding industry in Oman witnessed 10 years full of glorious success, and there’s more to come” said Rashid.
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