More than 100,000 Omanis register for fuel subsidy system

Business Saturday 23/December/2017 21:20 PM
By: Times News Service
More than 100,000 Omanis register for fuel subsidy system

Muscat: More than 100,000 Omanis have registered under the national fuel subsidy system since it opened on December 13. The total number stood at 102,862, until 2pm, Saturday.
According to the national subsidy data, 9,243 were given to different fuel stations selected by the beneficiaries through the national subsidy website, until Wednesday.
The registered constitute about 27.3 per cent of the total number eligible to receive the subsidy (about 376,000 according to the study on which the subsidy mechanism was based).
Statistics show that 87 per cent of the total number of people registered for the fuel subsidy were men, while 13 per cent were women. Most of the people who registered were from the Al Batinah Governorate.
The category of people who registered for the subsidy in the decreasing order are: Job-seekers, retirees, students, housewives and entrepreneurs.
The system is scheduled to come into effect from January 2018. Those who meet the requirements to get the subsidy may register at the They are required to fill a form and then collect the fuel subsidy card from their preferred petrol station. They then have to activate the card by following some simple steps. They may also read the instructions given on the website or on the national subsidy system twitter handle.
To ensure proper registration, a call centre (24174000) is operational from 8am to 5pm round-the-week to receive enquiries on the national fuel subsidy system.
All Omani citizens who meet eligibility requirements will get 200 litre per month of M91 petrol at a cost of not more than 180 baisas per litre.
This mechanism will include all sectors of society who meet the following requirements: Each Omani citizen above 18-year-old who owns in his name a vehicle registered with ROP or a fishing boat registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries subject that his total monthly income from all sources is not more than OMR600.