Small acts of kindness help build new Oman mosque

Oman Wednesday 13/December/2017 15:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Small acts of kindness help build new Oman mosque

Muscat: With donations from 2,000 Omani females, Al-Anfal Mosque has been officially opened.
Residents gathered to celebrate the opening of the new mosque in Al-Nahda region at Al-Amerat.
Agents helping to build the mosque paid special thanks to the 2,000 women who were instrumental in the fundraising required to complete the place of worship.
The women who organised themselves into fundraising committees came from Al-Amerat and other regions, developers said.
According to an official at the Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, the mosque is authorised, and it was built at the expense of citizens.
The women campaigned to raise the money since 2014, according to the site's agent, Ali Al-Battashi, who was full of praise: "They worked hard to collect money from donors continuously since 2014.
"The small acts of kindness added up to something bigger," he said.
"It's a voluntary mosque, in which each family in the region paid voluntarily. Recently, we got to a total of OMR33,000 from Omani females donors," he added.
"We stayed in a new region. There was no mosque near to us. There was a real need for a mosque to serve residents in this area," said Mahmoud Al-Yahyai, one of the worshippers.
"It was a great initiative presented by Ali's wife, the one who started the campaign and worked on following up with donors from different parts of Oman," he added.
The mosque includes multiple facilities such as a main prayer hall, which can accommodate more than 300 people, an external prayer room that accommodates more than 250 worshippers, and a prayer room for women has a capacity for 50 people.
The mosque is also equipped with a small library which includes religious books, in addition to three shops to serve residents in the region.
The mosque is distinguished by its simple architecture, which combines originality and modernity. In addition, the architecture reflects simple Omani Islamic inscriptions in its designs.