Omanis being trained in executive leadership job roles

Energy Sunday 10/December/2017 15:31 PM
By: Times News Service
Omanis being trained in executive leadership job roles

Muscat: Successfully completing Module 1, participants of the National Leadership and Competitiveness Program (NLCP) have now begun the second module of their educational journey in Muscat.
The Institute of Capability and Development (ICD) along with Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, will deliver the five-day course. The module focuses on the role executive leaders play in leading and managing performance for the future in the current public sector model.
During this module, participants will assess government’s performance, national policies and behaviours of leaders that drive national competitiveness.
The second phase comprises an Innovation Workshop focused on designing and implementing innovations in service oriented public-private relationships.
Furthermore, the module includes a group role simulation focused on strategic influencing/negotiation with participants, thereby, exploring their self-motivation and leadership effectiveness. This will also impart knowledge on how to lead in uncertain and complex situations.
The module plays an important role in enabling Director Generals, Assistant DGs, Advisors, Experts and their equivalents’ to enhance their implementation capability and help them identify areas within their influential spheres to apply these plans and achieve their desired goals.
Although focused on developing the participants’ leadership skills, the NLCP aims to drive public-private engagement through studying the national economy and the key drivers to attract foreign direct investment.
The National Leadership and Competitiveness Program is a first of its kind initiative in the Sultanate. It is designed to significantly build the capabilities of public sector leaders that will enable them to transform public administration and services to improve the competitiveness of Oman on the world stage.
The NLCP provides an immersive learning experience that empowers participants, both individually and collectively, to become agents for delivery and therefore, driving the nation’s competitiveness forward.