Six building construction violations recording by Muscat Municipality

Energy Thursday 30/November/2017 10:43 AM
By: Times News Service
Six building construction violations recording by Muscat Municipality

Muscat: Builders who encroached on government land, erected fencing without a licence and erected buildings without permission were slapped with violation notices, Muscat Municipality announced.
Muscat Municipality (MM) registered six technical violations of buildings under construction during October.
"The Technical Inspection Department of the Muscat Municipality made a major tour in October and carried out 165 inspection visits to buildings under construction, resulting in the release of six technical violations," an official announced.
An official source said: "The technical violations included the acquisition of government land, adding a fencing piece without a license, in addition to the street cut, the establishment of an external umbrella and the construction of rooms with non-fixed materials."
He added: "These visits come within the Muscat Municipality's duty to organise and follow up the implementation of the construction works of buildings and real estate, to ensure its compliance with the licences issued by the municipality and abide by all specifications of the building and achieve the highest rates of compliance with the laws and rules of municipal work."
Muscat Municipality also invited the public to familiarise themselves with the municipal laws and ensure that they are met during the construction process, especially since some of the violations committed would deface public property and landscape, and may harm the citizens or may pose a danger to the occupants of the building.
In addition, the Municipality also imposed specific penalties in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, in addition to the legal consequences against the offender in terms of buy the costs of removing the violation.