OmanPride: Shura and State Councils praise His Majesty’s vision

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By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Shura and State Councils praise His Majesty’s vision

Representatives from some of Oman’s higher corridors of government have hailed His Majesty’s vision in spearheading the nation’s development, on the occasion of the Sultanate’s 47th National Day.
Members of the Majlis Al Shura (Consultative Council) and Majlis A’Dawla (State Council) praised His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s efforts in driving Oman forward.
“It’s an apt time to look back with pride on all that our glorious nation has achieved, under the wise guidance of our venerable leader, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said,” said Ali Al Mahrouqi, Secretary General of the Majlis Al Shura. “The love of the Omani citizens for His Majesty is evident nationwide.
“I would like to express our pride and joy, which we all share with the people of Oman,” he added. “The National Day of Oman symbolises the immense progress that this country has made over the past 47 years since His Majesty began to transform his remarkable vision into reality.”
Al Khattab Al Hinai of the Majlis A’Dawla was also quick to praise His Majesty. “Oman’s present progressed state is a cumulative result of being singularly conscientious over the last 47 years,” he said. “His Majesty’s promise to build a modern state, since the inception of the Blessed Renaissance is requisite of the nation to exert huge efforts in establishing infrastructure, which is the pillar and first cornerstone of comprehensive development.
“This stimulated the start of development in other areas like education, governance and foreign policy,” added Al Hinai. “His Majesty has continually laid stress on developing the education system, regardless of the economic situation of the country. This is the reason for the quantum leap in the education sector in totally. The graduates have become leaders in different ways and today are a huge asset to the nation.
“The transformation of the educational sector coincides with the parliamentary evolution over the last 47 years on a gradual basis,” he said. “Today, we have a scenario, where the State Council and Majlis Al Shura complement each other and enable the government to develop plans on a sustainable basis, which directly contributes to the processing of legislative laws. We have succeeded in submitting to the government proposals to enhance all sections of the society.
“Another noteworthy feature that every Omani can be proud of is that the nation has conducted a unique regional foreign policy characterised by independence, pragmatism and moderation, and earned global acclaim for it,” he revealed. “It has participated in peacemaking initiative several times and stayed away from conflict as it has a balanced long-term foreign policy to maintain stability and peace.”
Other members of the State Council also praised His Majesty’s tireless dedication and effort.
“His Majesty has fulfilled his promise to work for the happiness of his people with diligence,” said Ahmed Al Saleh, as Dr Rashid Al Yahyai added, “Education has received top priority in development plans.”
Mohammed Bahwan Al Mukhaini said, “His Majesty seeks to develop education and raise its level continuously to meet the needs of development,” while Dr Abdullah Salim Al Shanfari opined, “high interest in education and support of its institutions is clear.”
Mahmoud Ali Abdul Latif revealed that “scientific qualification has contributed to the increase in the income of the citizen and improvement in living standards,” and “Lujaina Haider Al Zuaabi said, “His Majesty pays particular attention to the economic and social well-being of Omani citizens”.
Abdulla Al Hosni told those assembled that “Strengthening the cultural and intellectual aspects of the Omani personality is one of the most important result of the Blessed Renaissance,” even as Mohammed Al Araimi said, “Oman is ahead of many countries in the world in the cultural and literary fields.”
“High support of His Majesty has added new dimensions to national culture and strengthened its role in progression of national life,” said Hatim Hamed Issa Al Tai and Dr Muna Saadoon hailed the “Remarkable achievements in the health status of the population,” with Rashid Saif Al Shidi saying, “the educational progress has enabled Omanis to perform their duty of building their homeland and promote renaissance,” and Rashid Al Mamari said, “the Sultanate has made remarkable achievements in the aspects of social security during the Blessed Renaissance.”