Dhofar Automotive supports The Guide Oman Ladies’ Desert Safari

Roundup Wednesday 29/November/2017 18:32 PM
By: Times News Service
Dhofar Automotive supports The Guide Oman Ladies’ Desert Safari

Muscat: Dhofar Automotive recently supported the fifth edition of The Guide Oman’s women’s only desert excursion at the Sharqiyah sands, titled ‘Ladies’ Desert Safari’. The event saw a total of 66 women in a convoy of 34 SUVs take on the two-day desert crossing challenge; giving them a taste of true desert adventure.
Commenting on the Desert Adventure, Rhett Maxwell, the general manager of Dhofar Automotive said, “Our support of an event such as this is fitting, given that the sale of performance off-road vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler, as well as the sale and installation of performance off-road parts from Mopar, is an integral component of our business; more so, when you consider that a significant percentage of our SUV buying customers are women. Furthermore, such events also provide participants, of which a significant percentage were Dhofar Automotive customers, with an opportunity to experience what a desert crossing is like with a large group of like-minded and adventurous ladies; and is something we, as a customer-oriented organisation, would like to be a part off.”
“There is also no better company to handle a trip of this nature than The Guide Oman. Their experience and knowledge in arranging and undertaking such crossings is unmatched in the country,” he added.
The event, which began in Muscat, saw 66 women in 34 SUVs, set off towards the desert. They were guided by staff from The Guide Oman on a predefined course as they headed towards and across the Sharqiyah Desert in a two-day desert safari. Along the way, the participants were taught the proper precautions, including driver’s education to equip them with skills, and techniques needed to overcome the harsh desert terrain. They were also provided with an opportunity at proper desert camping together with complete catering.
“The trip was a tremendous success, having completed the entire trip on schedule and with no incidents. Part of the credit has to go to the talented group of ladies that attended the trip, each of whom proved themselves to be quick learners, and the other part of the credit has to go to The Guide Oman 3R recovery crew who supported and assisted the ladies with gaining confidence and building driving skills. I would like to thank Dhofar Automotive for their support and promotion of this trip and look forward working with them on similar trips in the future,” added Rebecca Mayston, manager from The Guide Oman.