WATCH: Driver who dodged survey checkpoint detained by police

Energy Tuesday 28/November/2017 21:00 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: A speeding truck driver who drove along the hard shoulder of an Oman road to avoid a survey checkpoint has been hauled in by police.
Video evidence of the offence was posted online after the driver filmed himself bypassing the long queue of traffic at a National Transportation Survey Programme checkpoint in Dhofar.
As music blares from his car radio, the driver travels at speed along the hard shoulder, narrowly avoiding checkpoint signs and stationary traffic waiting to take part in the government approved survey, created to map the road infrastructure needs of the Sultanate in future years.
But when the driver’s video went viral on social media, Royal Oman Police hauled him in, then posted a photograph of his seized truck parked outside the police station. The force tweeted: “Referring to the video clip about a vehicle driver that overtook from the road shoulder at a point that has been mentioned as a checkpoint, the Royal Oman Police confirms that the point was of the National Transportation Survey Programme that have been set in Dhofar Governorate,” an online statement from Royal Oman Police said.
“ROP also confirms that the driver and the vehicle have been traced and that the case is under the procedures now.”