Toyota launches Genuine Air Care Service in Oman

Roundup Sunday 26/November/2017 18:17 PM
By: Times News Service
Toyota launches Genuine Air Care Service in Oman

Muscat: Toyota’s revolutionary Genuine Air Care Service was recently launched in Oman.
This pioneering service introduced for the first time in Oman is a professional way to enhance the overall efficiency of automotive air-conditioning systems whilst also eliminating any unhealthy or foul smelling air.
According to a spokesperson from Toyota Oman, “Our focus has been devoted to the satisfaction of our customers, prompting us to always provide professional care for all Toyota vehicles. Talented and qualified Toyota-trained technicians and the latest in state-of-the-art electronics and facilities back this focus. These steps go a long way in offering customers reduced service visits and low costs of ownership.”
Sharing his thoughts on the recently introduced service he said, “The introduction of the Toyota Genuine Air Care Service was the result of our dedicated efforts in helping customers enjoy a memorable ownership period. Prior to this new service, cars would typically undergo a conventional service that required dismantling the entire dashboard to gain access to the evaporator. The evaporator is a part of air-conditioner cluster, the air that goes through the evaporator will be cooled then sent inside the car. After a long time, dirt and moisture in evaporator’s surface could reduce the effectiveness of the air-conditioner, causing mould and bacteria that is bad for user’s health. The process to overhaul the evaporator was time-consuming and labour intensive. Yet the results were not always effective. Overhauling the evaporator is a complicated process, which risks damaging the delicate wiring and scratching the car’s interior. It may also result in parts not being properly reassembled and vibrating during driving.”
Based on Toyota’s concept of ‘Jishuken - Always Better Service’, Toyota Oman has always gone the extra mile to provide better after-sales service to customers. With Toyota Service, customers can look forward to professional and world-class service that is regularly upgraded in accordance with Toyota’s desired standards. They include the use of hi-tech Toyota diagnostic equipment, the expertise of Toyota trained highly experienced technicians and trust of having experts take care of all automotive service requests.
Toyota customers can now enjoy this new Genuine Air Care service initially at Wattayah, Ghala and Mawelah service workshops. This service can be availed of as a value-added service (VAS) job along with routine car service.
On availing the Air Care service, customers can look forward to being eligible for ‘Thiqah loyalty points’ for service which can be redeemed on the next visit at any of the 21 SBA Toyota workshops all over Oman.