Oman expat labour visa ban extended for certain jobs

Energy Sunday 26/November/2017 21:15 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman expat labour visa ban extended for certain jobs

Muscat: A visa ban on non-Omanis in certain professions has been extended for six months.
The Ministry of Manpower has issued a decision to extend the existing temporary visa ban on non-Omani workers in certain professions in the private sector.
According to the decision, construction workers and cleaners will not get a visa for six months beginning December 2017.
Since November 2013, there has been a temporary ban in place on visas for construction workers, which is extended every six months.
Industry professionals observed that this ban might have an effect on the recruitments but added that it should not make a big difference.
“The ban is there for something. It is to increase the presence of Omanis in the sector, and it should not be a problem for companies really. Instead, it will ensure companies make efforts to look for talented Omanis.
“There are so many graduates in civil engineering and other related sectors; it is an opportunity for them. It is an opportunity for everyone in the field. I understand this can be a concern for people to get expat experience, but I believe there are enough Omanis to step up,” said Maaz Firdous, Consultant at Al Iskaan Engineering.
“Recruitment issues will continue because of this. There should be provision for openings in some positions in this law, so companies do not struggle to get the right talent. Other than that, it is a good regulation, and extension for another six months should not make a big difference,” he added.
Earlier, the ban included other professions such as carpenters, metallurgists, blacksmiths and brick kiln workers, who have not been getting a visa for six months since July 1.
Construction companies stated that there would be little impact of the ban. “However, we have to hire locals with more money,” noted a company representative, who did not wish to be named.