Netaji disrespected by linking him with Gumnami Baba: Sugata

World Friday 08/January/2016 21:39 PM
By: Times News Service
Netaji disrespected by linking him with Gumnami Baba: Sugata

Kolkata: Days ahead of the proposed declassification of files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose by the Centre, his grandson and historian Sugata Bose on Friday said people are "disrespecting" him by linking him to Gumnami Baba.
"Linking Netaji with some Gumnami Baba is actually disrespect shown to a person who has devoted his entire life to the country. The people should go through files relating to him declassified till date before making such comments," Bose, a Trinamool Congress MP, said.
"So far 99.9 per cent of the files related to Netaji are available and people must read them before linking him to someone like Gumnami Baba and stop insulting the country's great hero," he said.
"I will say that the 0.1 per cent of the remaining files must be declassified," Bose, who is the Gardiner Professor of History at Harvard University, said.
Asked whether he would be present during the proposed declassification of files by the Centre in New Delhi on Netaji's birthday on January 23, Bose said, "I will naturally have a look at the files after they are declassified by the Centre. But on January 23 because I have plenty of important programmes regarding Netaji's birthday celebrations I will not be able to leave Kolkata.
"Also I cannot be there because I am a serious historian. I dislike the family concept because Netaji used to say that 'family and my countrymen are co-terminal'... I believe that it is not that important that I have to be there," he said, adding he would probably go to New Delhi the next day "to have a look at the files".
Bose said the team which is scheduled to be at the capital during the proposed declassification of the files consisted "conspiracy theorists" who were spreading different rumour including that of Gumnami Baba.
There were reports that Netaji had lived in the guise of of Gumnami Baba in Uttar Pradesh after his mysterious disappearance in 1945.
Bose said trained historians are required to understand the content of the files.
"Each file requires professional scrutiny by trained historians to actually access the significance of the information contained. There are specific methods to go through files because there are instances when revolutionaries used to provide wrong informations to misguide people," he said.
Asked whether there was any political motive behind West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's initiative in declassifying 64 files relating to Netaji, Bose said, "Netaji is above all political parties. I know Mamata Banerjee for a long time... She is a genuine admirer of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose." "Just like other countrymen, I do not see any political motive behind her decision to declassify the files," he added.