Oman flag sets Guinness World Record on National Day

Energy Saturday 18/November/2017 18:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman flag sets Guinness World Record on National Day

Muscat: The record breaking largest flag in history which was built with Lego bricks made its entry into the Guinness World Records at Oman Avenues Mall on Saturday.
The flag, which took the form of the Sultanate of Oman national flag, ended up being 4.12 metres long by 2.33 metres high, and was built entirely from 169,000 standard-size Lego bricks. The estimated weight of the final flag was between 480 to 500kgs.
The flag was built by a professional team of experts from Stack Events, who had started the first stage of the project two days prior to National Day on November 16.
They then completed the second and final stage of the project as planned on the morning of Saturday 18th November, before the officials of the Guinness World Records.
Ahmed Gabr, the Guinness World Records official nominated adjudicator, made the announcement that the official attempt was a success thereby rewarding the Guinness World Records record title for the Largest flag built from Lego bricks.
At the inauguration ceremony for the flag, Mr. Gabr explained: “I can announce that Oman Avenues Mall has not only met the minimum requirements to achieve the Guinness World Records record title for the Largest flag built from LEGO bricks, but achieved even more than this, with their 4.12 metre-long by 2.33 metre-high flag. Oman Avenues Mall, you are officially amazing. Congratulations!”
Suad Khalfan, Mall Manager, Oman Avenues Mall, was also present at the inauguration ceremony to announce to Oman Avenues Mall visitors, members of the media, as well as various dignitaries and senior management staff from Oman Avenues Mall, that this Guinness World Records official attempt for the Largest flag built from Lego bricks had been a success.
Shortly afterwards, an official certificate to mark the Guinness World Records record title for the Largest flag built from Lego bricks was handed over to Oman Avenues Mall, while a troupe of contemporary-style drummers put on a memorable performance to mark the occasion.
The flag’s impressive size made for a striking and colourful addition to the Oman Avenues Mall main atrium, which visitors can now view at Oman Avenues Mall as part of the Sultanate of Oman’s 47th National Day celebrations. There were also several 47th National Day-themed festivities on the go throughout the rest of day, including music performances by a traditional Omani band as well as the launch event of a National Day music album produced by LuLu and sung by the famous Omani Singer Salah Al Zadjali. Oman Avenues Mall also handed out free gifts and souvenirs to visitors.
Commenting on the Guinness World Records title, Gogi George, Oman Avenues Mall and LuLu Group International General Manager, Development & Leasing said: “This is a spectacular achievement on a very special day in the Sultanate of Oman, as we celebrate 47th National Day. Oman Avenues Mall is thrilled to have been able to host this event. A lot
of hard work and creativity was required to make this Guinness World Records title a reality, and I would like to thank everyone involved. I would also like to say a special thank-you to everyone that came to Oman Avenues Mall to show their support and witness history being made.”
This official Guinness World Records record title of the Largest flag built from Lego bricks forms part of the Oman Avenues Mall ‘Oman, My Heart’ campaign, which kicked off on 12th October, and which is scheduled to run until November 30.