10 Wardrobe items you need to own

T-Mag Wednesday 15/November/2017 16:54 PM
By: Times News Service
10 Wardrobe items you need to own

We all have our favourite dresses, our signature styles, and our evergreen statement pieces that never fail to raise an appreciative brow. But, amidst all the glitz-and-glam, we sometimes tend to miss the very basics that are essential to claim the completeness of the wardrobe. We’ve rounded up 10 such pieces you should have in your cupboard.

1. Little black dress
An absolute wardrobe essential, we chose to put this one right on top. This evergreen dress, initially introduced by Coco Chanel, has now found its way into every woman’s closet. Though envisioned to be a fancy little piece, the LBD doesn’t necessarily have to have a designer label; the only rule – it should look good on you. But hey, if your budget allows, this is one dress we’d give you the thumbs up to splurge on.

2. White button-down shirt
The go-to shirt when you’ve risen late and aren’t in the mood to match colours, but still need to look chic. If there’s one thing you can’t go wrong with, it is a white, full-sleeved, well-fitted shirt. Throw on a few accessories, your favourite bottoms and flaunt your effortless style. And just for the record, since whites for winters became perfectly acceptable, this shirt also earns the all-season tag.

3. Denim jacket
It is comfortable, goes with everything, and is absolutely timeless. Though personally, I can’t have enough of these, if you believe in investing in just one, go for one in a darker colour without any frayed ends, patchworks and quirky slogans – a true classic.

4. Black blazer
Or even a blue maybe; but the point here is the blazer. Every woman, whether devoted to the corporate mayhem or not, should own at least one blazer that fits right. We’ll stress on the ‘fits right’ part again. You might have a hand-me-down blazer from an older sibling or one your workplace forced on to you, but those won’t make the cut. It is absolutely essential that the blazer be tailored to perfection so it accentuates your silhouette; else the whole classiness associated to wearing one is completely lost. A black blazer can make any attire look more polished – it completes your formal work attire, can be worn with jeans for a semi-formal look and even over a dress if it feels a little skimpy or bare.

5. Blue jeans
Honestly, there isn’t one good reason for you to not have one of these. And while most of us do have dozens, the deal here is finding that perfect pair – yes, the struggle is real. We feel it is important to find one that hugs your waistline, defines your thighs and accentuates the curves. Once you’ve found your dream match, make sure you remember where you bought it from, so you can come back for another pair when this one wears out.

6. Opaque black stockings
In case that little dress gets too short for comfort! But black stockings are more than just cover-ups. They can make legs look slimmer and when paired with the right shoes can even give the illusion of being taller. Not just that, this versatile piece looks great with skirts, dresses and especially trendy when paired with ankle boots.

7. Red dress
We’ve all heard about the ‘lady in red’, haven’t we? There’s a reason why she’s remembered. The dress denotes a certain bold, commanding elegance that gives a distinct aura of desirability, mystery and power to a lady. Hence, our list demands you own one of these. We understand the reservations many might hold to this colour; therefore, we give you the liberty to play with the cut and length. If you’re looking to make a statement, and aren’t afraid to stand out, a swanky red dress will never let you down.

8. Cardigan
Cardigans are utilitarian pieces that come in an array of colours. A simple cardigan in a neutral colour can be worn to tone down an over-the-top dress. The best part is, it can be worked the other way around too. Cardigans don’t just come handy to keep the chills out but are great accessories that can be paired with pretty much any dress. And no, there isn’t anything grandmotherly about it.

9. Black cropped formal pants
It’s best to get these tailored for a good fit but if you’ve found one from a store that does the job, it could work well too. Whether worn under complete formals or matched with a pretty blouse, a pair of black pants can carry you from morning to night in style. Having them neatly cropped at the ankle allows you to show off your fancy footwear too (we’re talking about those fancy strappy heels and chic stilettos).

10. Turtleneck T-shirt
These look utterly comfortable (and they are), go great for office, and off work hours too. Pick one in your favourite colour, and if you’re looking at making it a little smarter than the standard ones, go for the ribbed turtle-necks. Tip: They look really elegant when paired with a long-chained chunky pendant.
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