Almost a million kilos of food destroyed in three months in Muscat

Energy Wednesday 15/November/2017 16:05 PM
By: Times News Service
Almost a million kilos of food destroyed in three months in Muscat

Muscat: Consumer watchdogs visited 5,518 food outlets and destroyed 976,501 kg of sub-standard food during the third quarter of 2017, officials have revealed.
“Muscat municipality, represented by the inspection and food control department, has been interested in intensifying inspection campaigns
on food installations to ensure that health and safety requirements are met and that all types of food are properly accessible and free of any contaminants and pesticides. 615,155 tonnes of vegetables and fruits have been destroyed and ruined about 967,501 kg of non-expendable material for human consumption from shops. The total number of inspection visits has reached 15,846 visits to 5,518 food establishments during the third quarter of 2017,” the authority announced.
The municipality added that it has sent about 713 shipments with about 34 tonnes of non-edible food to the landfill.
The spokesman added: “The Central Market administration is keen to maintain the quality and safety of goods coming to the market in coordination with other government agencies and it does its best to make all procedures quick and easy to the public.”
Muscat Municipality, represented by the Central Market for vegetables and fruits, recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the opening of its market, which proved its position as one of the best markets in the region through the attraction of many traders who supply various fresh fruits and vegetables.
During the third quarter of 2017, the Central Market received about 5,793 shipments loaded with a total of 176,304 tonnes of vegetables and fruits.