Toyota Corolla now comes with exciting benefits

Roundup Thursday 09/November/2017 18:35 PM
By: Times News Service
Toyota Corolla now comes with exciting benefits

Muscat: In Oman, over many years, the Corolla has built up a dedicated fan following. These customers experience the Corolla first-hand and are able to testify to its roomy, spacious ambience; smooth ride at highway speeds and a style that attracts attention. With a choice of engines and styling finishes, it packs even more appeal.
The Corolla is built to last and it shows. Ratcheting-up the excitement are the benefits that are packed into the stylish Corolla. Those looking to own the Corolla will be happy to know that until December 21 this global bestseller will be available with an attractive cash gift ranging up to OMR2,000. In fact, customers will also receive 1-year comprehensive Oman only insurance package. (Terms & conditions apply. Benefits are available for personal purchases only. Visit a Toyota showroom to know the exact details.)
Historically reliable and relatively affordable, the Corolla is a prudent choice amongst sedans. Celebrating global-level popularity, the Corolla continues to appeal to consumers’ sensibilities. “Nearly every second car on the road is a Toyota,” said a proud owner. Amongst the ubiquitous Toyota vehicles in Oman, most are Corolla models. It’s self-evident!”
Truly, a compelling choice, the Corolla expands the boundaries of what is possible, with dynamic styling, spacious cabin, and state-of-the-art features that embed quality into driving. The strength of the low, wide stance and 3-dimensional form complements the flowing elegant lines, catching the eye with the promise of powerful performance.
The Corolla is packed with exciting features. These include cruise control from the base grade, auto headlamp levelling and multi-drive 7S Transmission. These features have all been thoughtfully innovated to blend looks with performance, form with function and power with pleasure.
Signifying Toyota’s brand evolution, the Corolla Multi Drive 7S transmission makes a strong design statement with its unique visual signature. Its design theme combines clean lines and balanced proportions that give it an immediate visual impact. It tapers at the front and rear of the vehicle to help emphasise the wheel arches and wheels-to-the-corner stance.
Indeed the Corolla attracts all the right attention. According to the Saud Bahwan Automotive spokesperson, “The Corolla has an eye-catching grille that sets off its stylish profile. Its front bumper, stylish headlamps, daytime running lights and fog lamps further accentuates the effect. A truly well-heeled look is imparted by the alloy wheels. Finally, like perfume wafting in the air, the LED rear combination lamps & rear spoiler leaves a lasting impression. ”
Stepping-in, one is greeted by the aesthetic interior of the Corolla. It boasts of a pleasingly contoured dashboard to enhance the experience. Enhancing the up-to-date ambience is the display audio system, steering wheel with controls and automatic air conditioner.
The feature-rich Corolla is an exceptional value, but that is not all. This world-famous Toyota is no less than an icon. Not only does it have a legendary reputation, it offers a truly impressive resale value, even after years of use. It was no surprise to anyone that when the multi-drive 7S transmission equipped Toyota Corolla was introduced in Oman, it quickly climbed to the top of the list of favourites.
In Oman, the nationwide parts and service network of Saud Bahwan Automotive support Toyota’s outstanding product quality.