Enjoy Lincoln luxury with exclusive offers

Roundup Tuesday 07/November/2017 18:56 PM
By: Times News Service
Enjoy Lincoln luxury with exclusive offers

Muscat: Lincoln has been one of the most exciting luxury automotive brands the world. Stunning designs, wishful technologies and first-class lounge like luxury have propelled the brand to being popular.
Lincoln Motor Company has long been associated with manufacturing some of the finest luxury vehicles for the world to enjoy. Unlike many, Lincoln Motor Company pays a lot of attention to how your Lincoln makes you feel.
Lincoln Oman has recently unveiled an offer that will present Lincoln fans an opportunity to move up to an exhilarating luxury car that is a sophisticated blend of uncompromising comfort, intuitive technology and effortless performance. On offer is cash gifts ranging from OMR1,250 up to a massive OMR7,750, service up to 5 years / 100,000km and assured trade-in bonus. (Conditions apply. Visit Lincoln showroom for details).
In Oman, the Lincoln has in its range:
Lincoln MKC – the luxury crossover is more than just a small premium utility vehicle. It is performance-minded and technologically savvy. Making it an ideal choice for young go-getters. The MKC is an absolute head-turner and empowers its owner to make a lasting impression be it at corporate events or personal appointments.
Lincoln MKZ – The all-new Lincoln MKZ is designed to appeal to those who are looking for something different in the luxury market. From the placement of features to focus on spacious interiors, the MKZ is perfect for arriving in style, wherever you go.
Lincoln Continental – Now in its 10th generation, the Lincoln Continental blends meticulous craftsmanship and technologies designed to aid drivers better and provide passengers with a more relaxing and entertaining environment inspired by first-class travel.
Lincoln MKX – is one of the finest creations from Lincoln Motor Company. Its new-age looks, advanced features and luxurious offerings have made it popular among customers around the world. The Lincoln MKX has over 36 new features and technologies.
Lincoln Navigator – It has long been one of the most preferred large luxury SUVs in the market. It is among the most spacious and luxurious vehicles on the road today. By moulding an array of stylish comforts with under-the-hood performance, Lincoln Navigator sets the standard for the luxury SUV market.
In Oman, Arabian Car Marketing Co. brings Lincoln vehicles to you.