Illegal expat fined, jailed, deported from Oman after consumer court complaint

Energy Monday 06/November/2017 11:39 AM
By: Times News Service
Illegal expat fined, jailed, deported from Oman after consumer court complaint

Muscat: An expat worker was sentenced to three months imprisonment, fined OMR400 and ordered to be deported from the Sultanate after the Court of First Instance in Buraimi found him guilty of failing to provide proper service to a consumer, and working in an unauthorized profession.

According to a statement from the Public Authority for Consumer Protection, the punishment was imposed for trying to deceive a consumer by not changing spare parts of his car, and hiding the new parts to sell them late.

The department received a complaint from a consumer stating that he went to a workshop to change the spark plugs and belt engine after buying spare parts, leaving his car in the workshop until the worker finished installation. After returning to pick up his car and the worker confirming the replacement of all parts, he showed the complainant the old parts placed next to the car, which included eight old ballet and an engine belt with a box of old pieces.

However, when the complainant turned on the engine, he heard a strange sound; he asked the worker to show him the new part that he had changed under the hood of the car. He found that the part was covered with dust, which meant that wasn't replaced.

The worker then admitted that he did not replace the new spare parts, and tried calming the consumer by returning the new pieces after confessing. The consumer complained to the management to avoid deceiving other consumers.

After interrogating the worker, it was also found that he was practicing an unauthorised profession. In recognition of his actions against the consumer, a case file was created and sent to the court where he was sentenced to imprisonment, given a fine, and ordered to be deported from the country.