OmanPride: Samail group of volunteers share their charity experience

More sports Saturday 04/November/2017 20:01 PM
By: Times News Service
OmanPride: Samail group of volunteers share their charity experience

Helping one another is one of the most important elements of an Omani society, and the Madha group in Samail has made sure it represents the poor and needy from that part of the country, attending to their needs and developing ways to make life easier for them.
The Madha group was established in 2012 through the efforts of young Omanis, who were determined to put struggling families at ease in the community. They faced the problem and have worked hard to solve it by raising funds and buying what is necessary for those in need.
“The concept of volunteering transcends the meaning of making money into deep and effective meanings,” said a member of the group, adding that “the volunteers seek to transfer poor families into self-sustaining families.”

For some families in Samail, the group’s aid is their basic source of support, which is what pushes the group to fight harder in the hope of eliminating these struggles. Some of the activities that the group carries out include taking care of needy families, ensuring orphans, assisting other teams in the Sultanate and abroad, as well as taking part in disaster relief trips, offering school supplies and a variety of items to children in need.
The people of Samail have been of great support to the group; they take part in their events and contribute financially, too. But the greatest challenge that the volunteers faced is the process of assembling the team in a formal framework so that they could raise money from those wishing to contribute, without violating laws.
With the right set of skills, determination, and patience, the team succeeded in connecting with contributors without any violations.
Madha’s greatest achievement is drawing a smile on the faces of orphans, as well as being an important factor in helping the needy families in their community, and raising money for blind relief.
In their bucket list, a wish to help establish and raise awareness about volunteer labour laws, with hopes to soar higher in the realm of charitable work.
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